Carlos A. Henriquez Q

Quick Facts

  • Gained valuable experience at the BlackBerry booth at 2011 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and BlackBerry® DevCon Asia 2011 in Singapore
  • Leverages features like BlackBerry® Advertising Service, BlackBerry® Analytics SDK and in-app purchasing
  • Uses BlackBerry® Messenger 6 (BBM™ 6) to help connect users from around the world
  • Application has been downloaded more than 600,000 times

BlackBerry Developer Success Story - Carlos A. Henriquez Q

Last year, while living in Spain, PhD student Carlos A. Henriquez Q. decided to connect with family and friends in his native Venezuela by developing a domino game on the BlackBerry platform. The part-time developer wanted to build on his success and learn about the variety of BlackBerry add-ons he could leverage to advance his app. Carlos attended the 2011 Mobile World Congress and BlackBerry DevCon Asia where he was able to have a great deal of face-time with the BlackBerry developer teams. The experts at Research In Motion® (RIM®) showed him the power of BBM, BlackBerry Advertising Service and BlackBerry Analytics.

Henriquez spoke to us about the impact these industry and BlackBerry conferences have had on his development, the variety of features that have helped make his app a success and the importance of BBM.

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Q: How important was it for you to attend last year's Mobile World Congress and BlackBerry DevCon Asia?

Henriquez: When I attended the Mobile World Congress I met RIM staff who encouraged me to use the programming language I was familiar with (Java) and try my hand at developing. I also learned all about the BBM SDK, which was exactly what I needed to create the app I wanted. The BBM SDK meant that BlackBerry would handle the peer-to-peer communication between the devices and allowed me to create something that differentiates it from the other domino apps. In just a few short months I was able to release it.

By the time BlackBerry DevCon Asia took place last December I had achieved some success with the app and I had heard feedback from users on ways to make the game better. I went there with specific questions in mind and I learned about different ways that would help me take the app to the next level.

Q: So, is it fair to say that RIM has been invested in the success of your application?

Henriquez: Absolutely. When I first approached the RIM team at Mobile World Congress it was just a small project with very few features, but I was continually encouraged to keep pushing it and integrate with features that had worked well for other developers. They point out the tools that you can easily use such as the analytics tool. That tool has helped me to identify where the app is being downloaded, and now have an Indonesian version because of it.

Also I now know which pages within the app are frequented the most. Coupled with the BlackBerry Advertising Service - which was very simple to integrate with my app - the analytics tool has allowed me to focus my advertising on these specific pages. As a result, my revenue has increased. It's been nice that I have managed to generate enough revenue to keep the game free and continue to work on it.

Q: How else have you monetized your app?

Henriquez: I also leverage in-app payment, a ”freemium„ model where users who want additional, more advanced features like custom rule settings can pay a small fee. Users who have chosen the premium version have enjoyed the level of customization. I believe that all users are important and they should all be able to play the game with each other, so you can ping any user regardless of which version you run.

Q: Speaking of inviting other users to play, why is BBM such a differentiator?

Henriquez: BBM is the tool that the entire game is based on. Without it, I would have had to develop a new set of tools and a server. Being able to use the simple BBM SDK gives you a built-in chat function and the ability to share the game directly with other BBM users. What you get in a couple of development days would otherwise take you weeks or months to achieve, with less reliable results. I am hoping for my next feature to integrate BBM directly into the game, allowing people to chat without having to exit anything.

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