About the BlackBerry Elite Program

The BlackBerry® Elite Program is an exclusive invitation-only program for passionate advocates who demonstrate an exceptional and vocal commitment to BlackBerry products and the brand. They lead the charge by interacting with others and sharing their knowledge within their own social networks to help create positive sentiment that positively influences wider opinion about the brand and BlackBerry's solutions.

While BlackBerry Elites are not financially compensated, they are rewarded for supporting the brand and interacting on BlackBerry's behalf. Elites receive special incentives for participation in the program, including:

  • Exclusive access to pre-release information about BlackBerry products and services
  • Opportunities to receive and test BlackBerry products
  • Occasions to engage with customers in support forums
  • Interaction and direct social engagement opportunities with customers
  • Invitations to attend company events

And of course, BlackBerry Elites receive a BlackBerry device, which they are expected to use.

Members are selected to join the BlackBerry Elite Program based on a number of criteria including location, social footprint, influence, personal interests and level of activity. The program is aligned to the business areas within BlackBerry that can benefit from having Elites shape wider opinion. These areas, referred to as Segments, are: Customer, Developer, Social-Fan, Support and Social Business.

BlackBerry Elites are bound by the terms in their Participant Agreement and Schedule of Expectations. Elite participation is evaluated by the criteria outlined in the Schedule of Expectations for both general expectations and Segment expectations.

Elites stay connected to the program and those managing it through a BBM Channel and email address. They are invited and expected to attend Webinars BlackBerry puts on to educate and inform them about upcoming products, services and programs.

BlackBerry Developer Elites

These Elite members are acknowledged for their on-going contributions to the developer community (through technology forums and user groups), applications submitted to BlackBerry World™ and for their enthusiasm around the BlackBerry platform.