Name Method Description
APNs Provides APNs management functions.
Apple DEP Provides Apple DEP device management functions.
Apple VPP Account Provides Apple VPP account management functions.
Application Groups Provides access and management of application groups.
Application Servers Provides application server related functionality.
Application configs Provides access and management of application configs.
Applications Provides access and management of applications.
Certificates Provides certificate management routes.
Clusters Provides cluster related functionality.
Company directories Provides management functions for company directories.
Custom variables Provides access and management of custom variables.
Device groups Provides access and management of device groups.
Devices Provides device management functions.
Email templates Variables are used to reference values instead of specifying the actual values.
Entities Provides access to entity instances.
Groups Provides access and management of groups.
Info Provides information
Licensing Provides access to licensing information
Ping Ping server and get the current uptime of the server. This is an authenticated call and can be used to test if the server is up and the authentication header is valid before attempting to access other authenticated routes.
Profiles Profiles provide the ability to assign functionality to a user or group.
Roles Provides role management functions.
Servers Provides server related functionality.
Shared Device Groups Provides access to shared device groups.
Users Provides user management functions.
Utilities Provides unauthenticated utility methods.