Company directories Resource

Provides management functions for company directories.

GET /{tenantGuid}/api/v1/directories/users

Available Since:

Search for users in all configured company directories. This will most often be used in order to create a directory-linked user (see the "Users" resource for creating a directory-linked user).

Sample request

 GET /SRP00000/api/v1/directories/users?search=pmorley

Sample response body

    "directoryUsers": [ {
      "username": "pmorley",
      "displayName": "Paul Morley",
      "firstName": "Paul",
      "lastName": "Morley",
      "emailAddress": "",
      "directoryId": "e7aad64542784faeab305304abea36fa"
    } ]

Request Parameters
Name Location Description Type
includeExistingUsers query A flag to control whether directory users that have already been added to the system are included in the response or not. If set to true those users will be included in the response; if set to false those users will not be included in the response. Defaults to false if not provided. boolean
limit query The maximum number of matching directory users to get. If specified, the value must be between 1 and 100, inclusive. Defaults to 100 if not provided. int
search query A required non-empty value to search for directory users, using a case-insensitive prefix match. For AD company directories, an Ambiguous Name Resolution (ANR) search is performed. For LDAP company directories, the search is performed across various configured fields, for example displayName, emailAddress, firstName, lastName, username.  
Response Codes
Code Condition Data type
200 OK (even if no users are found).
400 Invalid request. For example, invalid field semantics or missing required field.
409 No company directories configured.
Response Body
Media type Data type Description
application/vnd.blackberry.directoryusers-v1+json Directory users (JSON)