Application Servers Resource

Provides application server related functionality.

GET /{tenantGuid}/api/v1/applicationServers

Available Since:

Get the BlackBerry Dynamics application servers.

Sample response body

            "server": "server01",
            "port": 17317,
            "primaryRouteName": "First",
            "secondaryRouteName": "Second"
            "clusterType": "PRIMARY",
            "applicationId" : "com.good.gdgma",
            "profileName" : "Default"
        }, {
            "server": "server01",
            "port": 18422,
            "primaryRouteName": "First",
            "secondaryRouteName": "Second"
            "clusterType": "PRIMARY",
            "applicationId" : "com.good.docstogo",
            "profileName" : "Special A"

Request Parameters
Name Location Description
query query Query parameter for filtering the results. The format is <field name>=<query value>, for example Multiple field-value pairs can be provided in the query with each pair separated with a comma, in which case only application servers matching all of the criteria provided will be included in the response. Querying for empty/null values is not supported.

By default, a case-insensitive exact match will be performed for each field in the query.

Special characters (comma, backslash) in query values must be escaped with a backslash.

The following table describes the fields that can be used in the query.

Field Type Description
appId string The application identifier.
connectionProfileName string The connection profile name.
Response Codes
Code Condition Data type
200 OK.
Response Body
Media type Data type Description
application/vnd.blackberry.applicationservers-v1+json Application Servers (JSON)