Apple VPP account Data Type

An Apple VPP account defined in the system.

Name Type constraints Description
guid string   GUID of the account.
name string   Name of the Apple VPP account.
accountHolderInfo string   Information about the account holder.
tokenExpiryDate string   Date/time when account token will expire.
autoUpdateNewAppVersions boolean required Indicates if new App versions are updated automatically.
token string   The VPP token.


  "guid" : "3d0d3b92-4e04-f8c2-981a-9c3794f4b154",
  "name" : "Manufacturing",
  "accountHolderInfo" : "Account holder is Bob",
  "tokenExpiryDate" : "15-Jan-2023 10:45:21",
  "autoUpdateNewAppVersions" : true,
  "token" : "eyJXLiwPKNHJJQldknNJL"