DEP enrollment configuration Data Type

A DEP enrollment configuration defined in the system.

Name Type Description
guid string GUID of the enrollment configuration.
name string Name of the enrollment configuration.
automaticallyAssign boolean Whether this config is defined as default one.
department string User-defined department or location name.
supportPhone string A support phone number for the organization.
allowPairing boolean true if pairing is allowed.
supervised boolean true if the device must be supervised.
mandatory boolean true if the user may not skip applying the config.
mdmRemovable boolean false if the MDM payload delivered by the configuration URL cannot be removed by the user via the user interface on the device; that is, the MDM payload is locked onto the device.
awaitDeviceConfigured boolean true if the device will not continue in Setup Assistant until the MDM server sends a command stating that the device is configured
mdmProfileEncrypted boolean true if MDM payload is encrypted.


  "guid" : "72b815b3-fd92-4a3e-b033-c686917529df",
  "name" : "ID2 Config 1",
  "automaticallyAssign" : true,
  "department" : "IT dev",
  "supportPhone" : "+105509999437",
  "allowPairing" : true,
  "supervised" : true,
  "mandatory" : true,
  "mdmRemovable" : true,
  "awaitDeviceConfigured" : true,
  "mdmProfileEncrypted" : true