DEP device Data Type

A DEP device defined in the system.

Name Type Description
links array of Link Links from this DEP device to related resources. Possible link relationships include:
  • user: User associated with this device.
  • enrollmentconfiguration: DEP enrollment configuration associated with this device.
  • profile: activation profile applied to this device.
guid string GUID of the device.
enrollmentConfigurationStatus string Enrollment configuration status.
Possible enrollment configuration status values:
  • activated
  • assigned
  • empty
  • pushed
  • removed
serialNumber string Device serial number.
model string Device model.
color string Device color.
depAccountName string Name of DEP account.
settingsAssignTime string Date/time when activation settings were assigned.
settingsApplyTime string Date/time when activation settings were applied.
depRegisterTime string The time in which the iOS device serial number is registered within 'Apple Business Manager' as an 'Apple DEP device', associated to an 'MDM Server'


  "guid" : "6dd3a8e2-3f24-48c6-961a-949794f4b554",
  "enrollmentConfigurationStatus" : "assigned",
  "serialNumber" : "FCFPL5T3G07J",
  "model" : "iPhone 5c (GSM)",
  "color" : "Champagne",
  "depAccountName" : "Finance Department",
  "settingsAssignTime" : "2020-04-30T11:04:30.45Z",
  "settingsApplyTime" : "2020-05-03T19:16:43.45Z",
  "depRegisterTime" : "2020-05-08T14:16:55.15Z"