DEP Accounts Data Type

A collection of DEP accounts

Name Type Description
depAccounts array of DEP account Collection of DEP accounts.
total number Only applies in the response to searching for DEP accounts and setting the includeTotal parameter to true in the request. Represents the total number of DEP accounts that matched the search, which may be different from the number of DEP accounts actually returned.


  "depAccounts" : [ {
    "guid" : "2d2d3a7f-3f24-48c6-961a-949794f4b554",
    "name" : "Finance Department",
    "tokenExpiryDate" : "2021-07-23T14:04:30.45Z"
  }, {
    "guid" : "6dd3a8e2-076d-46f9-8c25-56cb8eba2800",
    "name" : "Saleart Co",
    "tokenExpiryDate" : "..."
  } ],
  "total" : 12345