Condition attribute Data Type

The condition attribute indicates that the setting is conditional on the value of another setting. When the condition is met then the action defined by the 'outcome' attribute is enforced.

Name Type Description
setting string The name of the conditional setting.
operator string The operator of the condition, one of: =, !=.
value string The value of the conditional setting to evaluate against.
outcome string The outcome of the setting if the condition is met, one of: irrelevant, fixed, read-only.
  • irrelevant - indicates that the setting will be ignored.
  • fixed - indicates that the value of the setting will be set to the "fixedValue" attribute.
  • read-only - indicates that the value of the setting can not be changed.
  • fixedValue string The value the setting is set to if the outcome is 'fixed'.


      "setting" : "allDisclaimerPolicyEnable",
      "operator" : "=",
      "value" : "false",
      "outcome" : "irrelevant",
      "fixedValue" : "true"