Certificate bundle Data Type

Represents an entity that groups several certificates in a bundle that can be enrolled, renewed or deleted only as a single entity. Typical scenario of creating certificate bundle is enrolling dual-key pair certificate container that results on installing two private keys on a managed device or BlackBerry Dynamics app. Server tracks both of such keys as an individual certificates that are grouped into a bundle. Deletion and renewing can be done only for a whole bundle. Examples of related profile configurations:

  • User credential profile with manually uploaded dual-key pair certificate.
  • User credential profile with Entrust/OpenTrust PKI connector configured with dual-key pair PKI profile.

Name Type Description
links array of Link Links to a certificates that are a members of this certificate bundle.
guid string Certificate bundle GUID.


  "links" : [ {
    "rel" : "groups",
    "href" : "https://server01:18084/SRP00000/api/v1/users/6dd3a8e2-3f24-48c6-961a-949794f4b554/groups"
  }, {
    "rel" : "...",
    "href" : "..."
  } ],
  "guid" : "2ab7d0e2-3f24-48c6-961a-949794f4b554"