Application config Data Type

An application config instance defined in the system.

Name Type constraints Description
appGuid string   GUID of the application.
appName string   Name of the application.
appPackageId string   The application package ID.
guid string   GUID of the application config.
name string   Name of the application config.
rank number required Rank of the application config.
definitionVersion number   Version of application config definition (optional field).
settings map of object   Map of application config settings (key-value pairs).


  "appGuid" : "aa291d31-3b51-4424-a09c-7b127ee398a8",
  "appName" : "sampleApplication",
  "appPackageId" : "",
  "guid" : "aa291d31-3b51-4424-a09c-7b127ee398a8",
  "name" : "applicationConfig1",
  "rank" : 0,
  "definitionVersion" : 1,
  "settings" : {
    "property1" : { },
    "property2" : { }