Error codes Data Type

The table below describes various error IDs and subStatusCodes that may be encountered when parsing an Error. The "Description" column format is: <subStatusCode>: <description>. Note that every API may return 403 Forbidden if the authenticated user is not authorized to perform the action. See also the getting started guide.

Value Description
ILLEGAL_ARGUMENT 1: Invalid argument in request.
DUPLICATE 100: Resource already exists.
USER_NOT_FOUND 101: User not found.
DIRECTORY_USER_NOT_FOUND 102: Directory user not found or no company directories are configured.
GROUP_NOT_FOUND 103: Group not found.
PROFILE_NOT_FOUND 104: Profile not found.
USER_ACTIVATION_PASSWORD_NOT_FOUND 105: User activation password not found.
GROUP_IN_REQUEST_NOT_FOUND 106: A group in the request was not found.
PROFILE_IN_REQUEST_NOT_FOUND 107: A profile in the request was not found.
USER_IN_REQUEST_NOT_FOUND 108: A user in the request was not found.
EMAIL_TEMPLATE_IN_REQUEST_NOT_FOUND 109: An email template in the request was not found.
NON_UNIQUE_ACTIVATION_PASSWORD 110: Activation password value is not unique for user.
TOO_MANY_ACTIVATION_PASSWORDS 111: Too many activation passwords specified for user.
FAILED_TO_CREATE_ACTIVATION_PASSWORD 112: Error creating activation password.
APPLICATION_NOT_FOUND 113: Application not found.
APPLICATION_OPERATION_NOT_SUPPORTED 114: Operation not supported for application type.
PROFILE_NOT_SUPPORTED 115: Profile type not supported.
NO_DIRECTORIES_CONFIGURED 116: No company directories are configured.
USER_HAS_ASSOCIATED_SERVICES 117: User has associated services and cannot be removed.
USER_HAS_ENROLLED_DEVICES 118: User has enrolled devices and cannot be removed.
USER_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND 119: UserDevice not found.
SMTP_SETTINGS_NOT_CONFIGURED 120: SMTP server settings not configured.
SMTP_SERVER_UNAVAILABLE 121: SMTP server temporarily unavailable to send emails. Retry the request again later.
EMAIL_ADDRESS_REQUIRED 122: Email address is required.
COMMAND_NOT_SUPPORTED 123: Command not supported.
INVALID_COMMAND 124: Invalid command or properties.
ACCESS_PASSWORD_NOT_SUPPORTED 125: Access password not supported.
FAILED_TO_GET_LICENSING_INFORMATION 126: Failed to get licensing information.
INVALID_CREDENTIALS 127: Invalid credentials.
MISSING_CATEGORY_NAME 128: Missing or invalid categoryName query parameter.
ATTESTATION_DISABLED 129: Attestation is disabled in the management console.
ATTESTATION_HARD_COMPROMISED_DEVICE 130: Device is in the HARD COMPROMISED state. While in this state, the device cannot perform attestation.
KNOX_ATTESTATION_NON_ANDROID_KNOX_PREMIUM_DEVICE 131: KNOX attestation cannot be processed by Android devices without the KNOX Premium activation type.
SAFETYNET_ATTESTATION_NON_ANDROID_DEVICE 132: SafetyNet attestation can't be processed by non-Android OS devices.
SAFETYNET_ATTESTATION_NO_ATTESTABLE_ENTITIES_FOUND 133: Device does not have entities (UEM Client app or BlackBerry Dynamics container apps) needed to support SafetyNet attestation.
SAFETYNET_ATTESTATION_NOT_SUPPORTED_BY_APP_POLICY 134: Application is not eligible to perform attestation.
APP_GROUP_NOT_FOUND 135: Application group not found.
APPLICATION_NETWORK_LOCATION 136: Problem with network location for internal applications.
TOO_LARGE 137: Problem with network location for internal applications.
UNSUPPORTED_OS_FAMILY_FOR_VERSION_REMOVAL 138: OS Family not supported for binary version removal.
DYNAMICS_APP_NOT_INTERNAL 139: Dynamics application entitlement is not internal.
SAFETYNET_ATTESTATION_IS_NOT_SUPPORTED_BY_DEVICE_ACTIVATION_SETTINGS 140: Device was activated without capability to perform periodic SafetyNet attestation (according to activation profile settings).
SHARED_DEVICE_GROUP_NOT_FOUND 141: SharedDeviceGroup not found.
SHARED_DEVICE_GROUP_USER_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND 142: SharedDeviceGroupUserDevice not found.
SHARED_DEVICE_GROUP_RESOURCE_SET_NOT_FOUND 143: SharedDeviceGroupResourceSet not found.
SHARED_DEVICE_GROUP_RESOURCE_SET_APPLICATION_NOT_FOUND 144: SharedDeviceGroupResourceSetApplication not found.
SHARED_DEVICE_GROUP_RESOURCE_SET_APPLICATION_GROUP_NOT_FOUND 145: SharedDeviceGroupResourceSetApplicationGroup not found.
SHARED_DEVICE_GROUP_RESOURCE_SET_USER_NOT_FOUND 146: SharedDeviceGroupResourceSetUser not found.
APPLICATION_CONFIG_NOT_FOUND 147: Application config not found.
HARDWARE_KEY_ATTESTATION_NO_ATTESTABLE_ENTITIES_FOUND 148: Device does not have entities (UEM Client app or BlackBerry Dynamics container apps) needed to support HardwareKey attestation.
HARDWARE_KEY_ATTESTATION_NOT_SUPPORTED_BY_APP_POLICY 149: Application is not eligible to perform attestation.
HARDWARE_KEY_ATTESTATION_NOT_SUPPORTED_BY_DEVICE 150: The device is not supported for attestation.
APP_INTEGRITY_ATTESTATION_UNSUPPORTED_DEVICE 151: The device is not supported for App Integrity attestation.
APP_INTEGRITY_ATTESTATION_IS_NOT_SUPPORTED_BY_DEVICE_ACTIVATION_SETTINGS 152: Based on the current activation type, the device cannot perform App Integrity attestation.
APP_INTEGRITY_ATTESTATION_NO_ATTESTABLE_APPS_FOUND 153: Device does not have Blackberry Dynamics container apps needed to support App Integrity attestation.
APP_INTEGRITY_ATTESTATION_IS_NOT_SUPPORTED_BY_APP 154: Application is not eligible to perform App Integrity attestation.
GROUP_COULD_NOT_BE_ASSOCIATED 155: Group could not be associated with.
CERTIFICATE_NOT_FOUND 156: Certificate not found.
CERTIFICATE_DOWNLOAD_NOT_ALLOWED 157: Certificate download not allowed.
CERTIFICATE_DELETE_NOT_ALLOWED 158: Certificate delete not allowed.
CERTIFICATE_RENEW_NOT_ALLOWED 159: Certificate renew not allowed.
CERTIFICATE_BUNDLE_NOT_FOUND 160: Certificate not found.
CERTIFICATE_BUNDLE_DELETE_NOT_ALLOWED 161: Certificate bundle delete not allowed.
CERTIFICATE_BUNDLE_RENEW_NOT_ALLOWED 162: Certificate renew not allowed.
EMBEDDED_CERTIFICATE_NOT_FOUND 163: Embedded certificate not found.
SERVER_NOT_FOUND 164: Server not found.
SERVICE_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED 165: Service type is unsupported.
SERVICE_NOT_FOUND 166: Service not found.
ENTITY_DEFINITION_NOT_FOUND 167: Entity definition not found.
VALIDATION_EXCEPTION 168: Validation exception.
ENTITY_INSTANCE_NOT_FOUND 169: Entity instance not found.
MTD_PROFILE_IS_NOT_ASSIGNED 170: Device has no MTD policy assigned.
ENTITY_VALIDATION_ERROR 171: Entity validation error.
ENTITY_FILTER_INVALID 172: Entity filter request invalid
ENTITY_RANK_UPDATE_ERROR 173: Entity rank update error
ENTITY_ENCLOSED_ENTITY_ERROR 174: Entity enclosed entity error
MALICIOUS_APPLICATION 175: Application is malicious.
DEVICE_GROUP_NOT_FOUND 176: Device group not found.
ADMIN_ROLE_NOT_FOUND 177: Admin role not found.
UNABLE_REMOVE_LAST_ADMIN 178: Unable to remove last security admin.
DEP_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND 179: DEP device not found.
DEP_DEVICE_USER_ASSIGNMENT_ERROR 180: Unable to assign/unassign user from DEP device.
DEP_DEVICE_ACTIVATION_PROFILE_ASSIGNMENT_ERROR 181: Unable to assign/unassign activation profile from DEP device.
DEP_ENROLLMENT_CONFIG_NOT_FOUND 182: DEP enrollment configuration not found.
DEP_ENROLLMENT_CONFIG_ASSIGNMENT_ERROR 183 Unable to assign/unassign enrollment configuration from DEP device.
PASSWORD_VALIDATION_ERROR 184 Password validation error.
INVALID_CERTIFICATE_CONTENT 185: Cannot upload certificate, it might contain invalid format, unsupported scheme, wrong password, no private key, etc.
EMAIL_ADDRESS_INVALID 186: Email address is invalid.
DEP_ACCOUNT_NOT_FOUND 187: DEP account not found.
APNS_NOT_FOUND 188: APNs certificate not found.
VPP_NOT_FOUND 189: Apple VPP account not found.
NOT_AUTHORIZED 403: Not authorized to complete the request.
SERVER_ERROR 500: Internal server error occurred.
FAILED_TO_ASSOCIATE_SERVICE 501: Failed to associate service.
EXTERNAL_SERVER_UNAVAILABLE 503: External server is not available.