APNs status Data Type

An APNs certificate status defined in the system.

Name Type Description
status string Status of the APNS certificate. The possible values are VALID, EXPIRED or UNKNOWN.
expiryDate string Date/time when the APNs certificate will expire.
serialNumber string The serial number of the APNs certificate.
subject string The subject of the APNs certificate.


  "status" : "VALID",
  "expiryDate" : "2027-01-01T00:00:01Z",
  "serialNumber" : "9834b37",
  "subject" : "C=CA,CN=APSP:6a51fb8e-932f-4180-986a-f94b82c0192f,UID=com.apple.mgmt.External.6a51fb8e-932f-4180-986a-f94b82c0192f"