BlackBerry Dynamics for Xamarin Forms
Runtime library for Xamarin Forms applications
BBDXamarinForms.Common.Interfaces.RuntimeObject Namespace Reference



interface  IBBDXamarin
 This interface represents the application's connection to its embedded BlackBerry Dynamics Runtime instance, and to the wider BlackBerry Dynamics platform infrastructure. More...


delegate void BBDGetEntitlementVersionsDelegate (int requestId, int status, IList< IBBDVersion > versions)

Function Documentation

delegate void BBDXamarinForms.Common.Interfaces.RuntimeObject.BBDGetEntitlementVersionsDelegate ( int  requestId,
int  status,
IList< IBBDVersion versions 

A Delegate to execute when GetEntitlementVersions lookup completes.

It contains three parameters:

  • requestId - int value that identifies the check. The same value will have been returned to the original call to GetEntitlementVersions (Android Only).
  • status - int value indicating the status of the check: Zero (0): The check was made and the versions parameter, below, contains the results; 400 to 599: One or more servers involved in the check encountered an error and the check could not be completed.; -1 to -50: A general error occurred
  • versions - List of IBBDVersion objects, each representing an entitlement version. If the end user does not have the entitlement for which a check was made then this list will have zero elements.