BlackBerry Dynamics for Xamarin Forms
Runtime library for Xamarin Forms applications
BBDXamarinForms.Common.Interfaces.BBDUtility Namespace Reference



interface  IBBDUtility
 BlackBerry Dynamics utility for managing authentication tokens and identity. More...


delegate void BBDJWTokenCallback (string JWT, BBDJWTStatus status, int error)
 Callback for JWT retrieval. See GetEIDToken method. More...

Function Documentation

delegate void BBDXamarinForms.Common.Interfaces.BBDUtility.BBDJWTokenCallback ( string  JWT,
BBDJWTStatus  status,
int  error 

Callback for JWT retrieval. See GetEIDToken method.

JWTIf successful a string containing the JWT. Empty otherwise.
statusA BBDJWTStatus value indicating the status of the request.
errorAn additional error parameter which may contain the HTTP status code of a server related failure, 0 on success.