BlackBerry Dynamics for Xamarin Forms
Runtime library for Xamarin Forms applications
BBDXamarinForms.Common.Interfaces.Wrappers.Types.IBBDServiceProvider Class Reference

Service provider details. More...


string Address [get, set]
 Native application identifier. More...
ImageSource Icon [get, set]
 Application icon, if retrieved. More...
bool IconPending [get, set]
 Flag for there being an application icon that hasn't yet been retrieved. More...
string Identifier [get, set]
 BlackBerry Dynamics entitlement identifier of the service provider. More...
string Name [get, set]
 Display name of the service provider. More...
List< IBBDAppServerServerCluster [get, set]
 Details of server instances. More...
List< IBBDServiceDetailServices [get, set]
 Details of provided services. More...
string Version [get, set]
 BlackBerry Dynamics entitlement version. More...

Detailed Description

Service provider details.

This class is used to return information about a service provider. An instance of this class either represents a front-end application, running on a mobile device or computer, or a back-end server.

This class will be used in the IBBDXamarin.GetServiceProvidersFor method.

Property Documentation

string BBDXamarinForms.Common.Interfaces.Wrappers.Types.IBBDServiceProvider.Address

Native application identifier.

This is the value that would be passed as the application parameter in a call to IBBDServiceClient.SendTo method.

ImageSource BBDXamarinForms.Common.Interfaces.Wrappers.Types.IBBDServiceProvider.Icon

Application icon, if retrieved.

If application dosn't have icon uploaded, property returns null

bool BBDXamarinForms.Common.Interfaces.Wrappers.Types.IBBDServiceProvider.IconPending

Flag for there being an application icon that hasn't yet been retrieved.

Check this property if the Icon is null.

true, there is an icon for the service provider that hasn't yet been retrieved by the BlackBerry Dynamics Runtime.

false and Icon is null, there is no application icon.

string BBDXamarinForms.Common.Interfaces.Wrappers.Types.IBBDServiceProvider.Identifier

BlackBerry Dynamics entitlement identifier of the service provider.

string BBDXamarinForms.Common.Interfaces.Wrappers.Types.IBBDServiceProvider.Name

Display name of the service provider.

List<IBBDAppServer> BBDXamarinForms.Common.Interfaces.Wrappers.Types.IBBDServiceProvider.ServerCluster

Details of server instances.

List of IBBDAppServer objects, each representing an instance of a server that provides the service.

List<IBBDServiceDetail> BBDXamarinForms.Common.Interfaces.Wrappers.Types.IBBDServiceProvider.Services

Details of provided services.

List of IBBDServiceDetail objects, each representing a provided shared service.

string BBDXamarinForms.Common.Interfaces.Wrappers.Types.IBBDServiceProvider.Version

BlackBerry Dynamics entitlement version.