BlackBerry Dynamics for Xamarin Forms
Runtime library for Xamarin Forms applications
BBDXamarinForms.Common.Interfaces.AppKinetics.Errors.BBDServiceException Class Reference


Inherits Exception.


BBDServiceErrorCode ErrorCode [get]
 Gets the error code. More...

Detailed Description

An exception of this class may be thrown when the application is using AppKinetics.

Exceptions of this class originate within the AppKinetics system itself, not within AppKinetics service provider applications. Applications never construct exceptions of this class.

An exception of this class will have an AppKinetics system error code.

Property Documentation

BBDServiceErrorCode BBDXamarinForms.Common.Interfaces.AppKinetics.Errors.BBDServiceException.ErrorCode

Gets the error code.

BBDServiceErrorCode value for the error condition that arose.