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Background Execution

A number of background execution features were added to OS X in the OS X 10.9 release of the operating system.

BlackBerry Dynamics applications can utilize these features, but the following restrictions and limitations apply.

HTTP Session Retrieval

The native NSURLSession class can support background execution for the retrieval of data using HTTP. This interface is for long-running retrieval sessions, taking more than 30 seconds. For details of the native programming interface, see the NSURLSession Class Reference.

Connections that run in background cannot be protected by BlackBerry Dynamics secure communication. Background connections won't be made through the BlackBerry Dynamics proxy infrastructure, and cannot be used to retrieve data from a server that is behind the enterprise firewall. Any data retrieved in background using native NSURLSession couldn't be stored in the BlackBerry Dynamics Secure Store. Instead, that data would be stored in the native file system.

Connections that run in foreground can be protected by BlackBerry Dynamics secure communication. See the NSURLSession Support page for details. Note that the application must track GDAppEvent receipt in order to utilize this type of background execution. This should form part of the application's authorization life cycle handling in any case.

If the application attempts to utilize BlackBerry Dynamics secure communication when authorization processing isn't complete, then an error assertion will be generated in the usual way. See under Programming Interface Restrictions in the GDMac documentation.

See also:
GDAppEvent Class Reference
GDMac, for details of authorization processing.