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<GDAuthTokenDelegate> Protocol Reference

Delegate for handling the results of BlackBerry Dynamics authentication token requests. More...

#import <GDUtility.h>


The results of BlackBerry Dynamics authentication token requests are handled by creating a class that implements this protocol.

BlackBerry Dynamics authentication tokens can be requested by utilizing a function in the GDUtility class.

For the token request programming interface, and general information about the mechanism, see the GDUtility class reference.

Instance Methods

(void) - onGDAuthTokenSuccess:
 Successful token request callback. More...
(void) - onGDAuthTokenFailure:
 Failed token request callback. More...

Method Documentation

◆ onGDAuthTokenSuccess:

- (void) onGDAuthTokenSuccess: (NSString *)  gdAuthToken

This callback will be invoked when a new BlackBerry Dynamics authentication token has been generated. Token generation is always in response to a call to the getGDAuthToken:serverName function.

The function that is invoked could initiate sending of the token to the application server, out of band. The application server will then be able to utilize the token to authenticate the end user.

gdAuthTokenNSString containing the token.

◆ onGDAuthTokenFailure:

- (void) onGDAuthTokenFailure: (NSError *)  authTokenError

This callback will be invoked when a request for a BlackBerry Dynamics authentication token has failed. Information about the error condition is passed in a parameter.

The request will have been made by calling the getGDAuthToken:serverName function.

Invocation of this callback notifies the application that a token wasn't issued in response to the request.

Depending on the reason for failure, the function that is invoked could:

  • Retry, by requesting a token again.
  • Notify the user that this authentication mechanism isn't available.
authTokenErrorNSError describing the error condition that led to the failure of the token request.
See also
BlackBerry Dynamics authentication token error domain

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