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platform/apple/ios/build/GD.framework/Headers/GDLogManager.h File Reference
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>


class  GDLogManager
 BlackBerry Dynamics log manager. More...


enum  GDLogUploadState {
  GDLogUploadStateIdle = 0,
  GDLogUploadStateInProgress = 100,
  GDLogUploadStateCompleted = 200,
  GDLogUploadStateCancelled = 300,
  GDLogUploadStateSuspended = 400,
  GDLogUploadStateResumed = 500
 BlackBerry Dynamics log upload state. More...


NSString *const GDLogUploadNotification
 Notification name for BlackBerry Dynamics activity log upload progress. More...
const NSTimeInterval GDLogManagerDetailedMaximumDuration
 Maximum duration of user detailed logging. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ GDLogUploadState

Use the constants in this enumeration to check the current state of BlackBerry Dynamics activity log upload. The GDLogManager.uploadState property always takes one of these values.

It is only necessary to check the log upload state if the application implements its own log upload monitoring user interface instead of using the built-in user interface. See the openLogUploadUI (GDLogManager) function documentation.


Log upload hasn't been started.

This is the initial state.


Log upload has been started and is now underway.


Log upload has finished.


The last log upload operation was cancelled.

A new upload hasn't been started.


Log upload has been started but is currently suspended.


Log upload was suspended but has now been resumed.

Variable Documentation

◆ GDLogUploadNotification

NSString* const GDLogUploadNotification

Use this value to add an NSNotificationCenter observer of BlackBerry Dynamics activity log upload progress. See the GDLogManager class reference for details.

◆ GDLogManagerDetailedMaximumDuration

const NSTimeInterval GDLogManagerDetailedMaximumDuration

The maximum duration for which detailed logging can be switched on by the detailedLoggingFor: (GDLogManager) function.