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GDNetUtility Class Reference

BlackBerry Dynamics proxy infrastructure network utilities. More...

#import <GDNetUtility.h>

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This class contains the programming interface for a network utility provided by the BlackBerry Dynamics proxy infrastructure.

The utility is accessed as a static method on a "singleton class" instance.

Class Methods

(void) + nslookup:type:completion:
 Execute a BlackBerry Dynamics name service lookup. More...


BOOL webProxyAppliedByApp
 Configure usage of a web proxy server for connections through the BlackBerry Dynamics proxy infrastructure. More...

Method Documentation

◆ nslookup:type:completion:

+ (void) nslookup: (NSString *)  host
type: (GDNslookupType type
completion: (GDNslookupCompletion completion 

Call this function to execute a BlackBerry Dynamics name service lookup. The lookup can be for canonical name (CNAME) or address record (A record).

The lookup will be executed from an enterprise end point of the BlackBerry Dynamics deployment to which the application is connected. The end point could be a BlackBerry Proxy server located behind the enterprise firewall or in its perimeter network (also known as DMZ, demilitarized zone, and screened subnet). Details for enterprise application servers could be in scope of the lookup, depending on the network configuration at the enterprise.

The lookup is asynchronous. When the lookup completes, a completion block will be executed. The block will be passed the results, if the lookup was successful, or an error code otherwise.

hostNSString containing the name to look up.
typeGDNslookupType specifying the type of result required, either CNAME or A record.
completionBlock to execute when the lookup completes. The block receives two parameters:
NSDictionary containing the results if the lookup succeeded, or nil otherwise.
NSError containing a description of the error condition if the lookup failed, see BlackBerry Dynamics Name Service Error Domain, or nil otherwise.

Property Documentation

◆ webProxyAppliedByApp

- (BOOL) webProxyAppliedByApp

The proxy configuration may be specified within the BlackBerry Dynamics management console using either a Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) file or manually.

  • If YES, the application should specify its own web proxy server to which web requests (HTTP, HTTPS) should be forwarded.
  • If NO, all web requests through the BlackBerry Dynamics proxy infrastructure will use the web proxy server configuration defined in the BlackBerry Dynamics management console (if any).

The runtime sets this property to NO by default.

This is a class property.

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