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GDAppServer Class Reference

Application server configuration. More...

#import <GDAppServer.h>

Inherits NSObject.


This class is used to return the details of application server configuration. A collection of instances of this class will be in the GDAppConfigKeyServers value returned by the getApplicationConfig (GDiOS) function, or in the serverCluster property of a GDServiceProvider object.

Instance Methods

(instancetype) - initWithServer:andPort:andPriority:


NSString * server
 Server address. More...
NSNumber * port
 Server port number. More...
NSNumber * priority
 Server priority; lower numbers represent higher priority. More...

Method Documentation

◆ initWithServer:andPort:andPriority:

- (instancetype) initWithServer: (NSString *)  server
andPort: (NSNumber *)  port
andPriority: (NSNumber *)  priority 

Property Documentation

◆ server

- (NSString*) server

◆ port

- (NSNumber*) port

◆ priority

- (NSNumber*) priority

Numeric representation of the priority of this server within the cluster. Lower numbers represent higher priority, with 1 representing the highest.

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