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BBDThreatNetworkSecurity Class Reference

Determine whether networking is subject to man in the middle attack.

#import <GDThreatNetworkSecurity.h>

Inherits BBDThreat.

Instance Methods

 Creates an instance of BBDThreatNetworkSecurity. More...
(BBDNetworkType- getNetworkType
 Indicate the type of mitm threat. More...
- Instance Methods inherited from BBDThreat
(BBDThreatType- getType
 Indicate the type of threat being checked. More...
(long) - getEvaluatedTime
 Determine when the check last completed. More...
(BBDThreatLevel- getRiskLevel
 Return the level of risk posed by the threat. More...
(BOOL) - getDetectionEnabled
 Check whether the threat is being evaluated. More...
(NSString *) - getInfo
 Get information on possible remediation actions to the threat. More...
(instancetype) - NS_UNAVAILABLE
 Only the subclasses of BBDThreat maybe instantiated. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Class Methods inherited from BBDThreat
(instancetype) + NS_UNAVAILABLE

Method Documentation



◆ getNetworkType

- (BBDNetworkType) getNetworkType

Indicate the specific type of mitm threat.


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