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WKWebView(GDNET) Category Reference

WKWebView category with additional features. More...

#import <WKWebView+GDNET.h>


This class is a category of the WKWebView class that adds the properties documented below to the programming interface.


NSURLProtectionSpace * proxyProtectionSpace
 Specify HTTP/HTTPS proxy protection space. More...
NSURLCredential * proxyCredentials
 Specify HTTP/HTTPS proxy credentials. More...

Property Documentation

◆ proxyProtectionSpace

- (NSURLProtectionSpace*) proxyProtectionSpace

If this property is specified, all traffic of this WKWebView instance going through specified proxy. In order to remove proxy set this property to nil.

proxyProtectionSpaceNSURLProtectionSpace containing the following:
Hostname or address,
Port number,
Authentication method,
Proxy indicator. In order to create this object should be used method initWithProxyHost:port:type:realm:authenticationMethod: of class NSURLProtectionSpace

◆ proxyCredentials

- (NSURLCredential*) proxyCredentials
proxyCredentialsNSURLCredential containing the username and password.

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