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C Language Programming Interface

There is a C language programming interface for some BlackBerry Dynamics capabilities. Functions and other elements in the interface in general have the same names as the corresponding elements in the Standard C library or POSIX standard interface, but with a "GD_" or "GD_UNISTD_" prefix. For example, the BlackBerry Dynamics functions are GD_fopen() instead of fopen(), and GD_accept() instead of accept(). The interfaces are otherwise the same, with some exceptions.

To import the headers for the C API, download the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for Android from developers.blackberry.com and extract the headers from the path /sdk/libs/handheld/libs/gd/inc/ within the downloaded zip.

Note that opening a file with the C interface doesn't lock the file.

See also
System Interfaces: Detailed Table of Contents on the opengroup.org website for links to specifications of the POSIX standard interface.
GDFileManager for details of the BlackBerry Dynamics secure file system. See the BlackBerry Dynamics C Language Programming Interface List page for a complete list of the elements of the programming interface.