• BlackBerry Dynamics
  • Runtime library for iOS applications
Class List
Interfaces, protocols and structs in the BlackBerry Dynamics runtime library:
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 CNegotiateSchemeGSS programming interface, including SPNEGO (C++)
 CGDKerberosAuthCallbackAsynchronous callback functor informing if Kerberos ticket creation succeeded (C++)
 CGDKerberosAuthHandlerManage the BlackBerry Dynamics cache of Kerberos credentials (C++)
 CSafeUrlCheck that URLs are safe using BlackBerry Protect (C++)
 CSafeUrlCallbackCallback object returned from SafeURL
 CSafeUrlResultItemItem within the SafeURL callback
 CBAFBlackberryAnalyticsClass for BlackBerry Analytics and BlackBerry Persona
 CBBDThreatInterface for retrieving threat details for a specific BBDThreatType
 CBBDThreatGeoZoneDetermine a user’s security risk level based on their real-world context
 CBBDThreatIdentityDetermine whether current application activity matches the behavior and identity of the authorized user
 CBBDThreatStatusClass providing details of security threats related to the device, application, network, and user
 CGDAppEventEvent dispatched from the BlackBerry Dynamics runtime
 CGDAppServerApplication server configuration
 CGDAuthenticationManagerManage user authentication and require the user to authenticate
 C<GDAuthTokenDelegate>Delegate for handling the results of BlackBerry Dynamics authentication token requests
 CGDCacheControllerControl the secure authentication cache
 CGDConnectivityManagerBlackBerry Dynamics infrastructure connection management
 CGDCReadStreamNSInputStream subclass for reading files that are in the secure store
 CGDCredentialManagerUICredentials Management User Interface
 CGDCredentialsProfileUser Credential profile
 CGDCredentialsProfileEventUser Credential profile event
 CGDCWriteStreamNSOutputStream subclass for writing files in the secure store
 CGDDataData encapsulation structure
 CGDDiagnosticBlackBerry Dynamics diagnostic checks and information
 CGDDirectByteBufferBuffer for accessing GDSocket and GDHttpRequest data
 CGDErrorError structure
 CGDFileHandleFile handle access to the secure file system
 CGDFileManagerSecure File System
 CGDHttpRequestStandards-based HTTP request, also supporting HTTPS and communication across the firewall (deprecated)
 C<GDHttpRequestDelegate>Delegate for handling GDHttpRequest state transitions (deprecated)
 CGDiOSBlackBerry Dynamics Runtime object interface, including authorization
 C<GDiOSDelegate>Handler for events dispatched from the BlackBerry Dynamics Runtime, including authorization events
 CGDLogManagerBlackBerry Dynamics log manager
 CGDNativePasteboardAccessUse the Pasteboard in the clear while DLP is turned on
 CGDNetUtilityBlackBerry Dynamics proxy infrastructure network utilities
 CGDPersistentStoreCoordinatorNSPersistentStoreCoordinator subclass that supports an encrypted binary store type in Core Data
 CGDPKICertificateX.509 Public Key Certificate
 CGDPushChannelManage Push Channel tokens and notifications
 CGDReachabilityBlackBerry Dynamics infrastructure connection status
 CGDServiceAppKinetics service provider
 CGDServiceClientAppKinetics service consumer
 C<GDServiceClientDelegate>Handler for AppKinetics consumer events
 C<GDServiceDelegate>AppKinetics service provider implementation
 CGDServiceDetailDetails of a provided service
 CGDServiceProviderService provider details
 CGDSocketTCP socket, supporting SSL/TLS and communication across the firewall
 C<GDSocketDelegate>Delegate for handling GDSocket state transitions and received data
 CGDSplashScreenCustomizerDisplay a custom view controller instead of the default BlackBerry Dynamics splash screen
 C<GDSplashScreenCustomizerDelegate>Delegate for handling GDSplashScreenCustomizer callback when a splash screen is about to be displayed
 CGDStateBlackBerry Dynamics run-time state
 CGDURLLoadingSystemManage access across the firewall via the URL Loading System
 CGDUtilityBlackBerry Dynamics utility for managing authentication tokens and identity
 CGDVersionBlackBerry Dynamics entitlement version
 CGDX509CertificateX.509 Public Key Certificate
 CNSMutableURLRequest(GDNET)NSMutableURLRequest category with additional features
 CNSURLCache(GDURLCache)NSURLCache category with additional features
 CNSURLCredential(GDNET)NSURLCredential category with additional features
 CWKWebView(GDNET)WKWebView category with additional features