The BlackBerry Dynamics (BBD) APIs enable the following functionality and features to be included in a BBD application installed on a user's mobile device:

Activating the BBD client This includes collecting device and user-specific information that is used by the Network Operations Center (NOC) for device activation and profile creation.

Establishing a secure communications channel with the NOC Secure communications are achieved through the socket API if needed. After specifying whether or not to use the Secure Socket Layer (SSL), the connection is made and data is shared.

Securing corporate data in a discrete container on the mobile device The secure container is a feature of a GD-enabled app. It stores corporate data in encrypted form within the local storage on the device. Also, the secure container separates corporate data from the user's data on the mobile device.

Creating a push channel This channel is the primary mechanism by which the BBD client becomes aware of updates to data from behind the corporate firewall. This mechanism allows the BBD client to conserve battery power by only connecting when it is necessary.

Enforcing entitlement and authorization policies The BBD client manages the user's access and available functionality based on the enterprise policies and authorization for that specific user.

The BBD client also periodically checks for updates to the user's entitlement or authorization. Should either of these change, the BBD client can update the mobile device accordingly.