BlackBerry Dynamics
Runtime library for Android applications
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Class List

Interfaces, protocols and structs in the BlackBerry Dynamics runtime library:
AbortableHttpRequestInterface representing an HTTP request that can be aborted by shutting down the underlying HTTP connection
AbstractClientConnAdapterAbstract adapter from operated to managed client connections
AbstractConnPoolAn abstract connection pool
AbstractCookieSpecAbstract cookie specification which can delegate the job of parsing, validation or matching cookie attributes to a number of arbitrary
AbstractHttpClientConvenience base class for HTTP client implementations
AbstractHttpEntityAbstract base class for entities
AbstractHttpMessageBasic implementation of an HTTP message that can be modified
AbstractHttpParamsAbstract base class for parameter collections
AbstractMessageParserMessage parser base class
AbstractPooledConnAdapterAbstract adapter from pool entries to managed client connections
AbstractPoolEntryA pool entry for use by connection manager implementations
AbstractSessionInputBufferAbstract base class for session input buffers that stream data from a
AbstractSessionOutputBufferAbstract base class for session output buffers that stream data to an
AbstractVerifierAbstract base class for all standard implementations
ActivityReplacement for native activity class
AllClientPNamesCollected parameter names for the HttpClient module
AllowAllHostnameVerifierThe ALLOW_ALL HostnameVerifier essentially turns hostname verification off
AUTHConstants and static helpers related to the HTTP authentication
AuthenticationExceptionSignals a failure in authentication process
AuthSchemeBaseAbstract authentication scheme class that serves as a basis for all authentication schemes supported by HttpClient
AuthSchemeRegistryAuthentication scheme registry that can be used to obtain the corresponding authentication scheme implementation for a given type of authorization challenge
AuthScopeThe class represents an authentication scope consisting of a host name, a port number, a realm name and an authentication scheme name which Credentials apply to
AuthStateThis class provides detailed information about the state of the authentication process
Base64Provides Base64 encoding and decoding as defined by RFC 2045
BasicClientCookieHTTP "magic-cookie" represents a piece of state information that the HTTP agent and the target server can exchange to maintain a session
BasicClientCookie2HTTP "magic-cookie" represents a piece of state information that the HTTP agent and the target server can exchange to maintain a session as specified by RFC2965
BasicCookieStoreDefault implementation of
BasicCredentialsProviderDefault implementation of
BasicEofSensorWatcherBasic implementation of EofSensorWatcher
BasicHeaderRepresents an HTTP header field
BasicHeaderElementOne element of an HTTP header's value
BasicHeaderElementIteratorBasic implementation of a
BasicHeaderIteratorBasic implementation of a
BasicHeaderValueFormatterBasic implementation for formatting header value elements
BasicHeaderValueParserBasic implementation for parsing header values into elements
BasicHttpContextDefault implementation of the HttpContext
BasicHttpEntityA generic streamed entity being received on a connection
BasicHttpEntityEnclosingRequestBasic implementation of a request with an entity that can be modified
BasicHttpParamsThis class represents a collection of HTTP protocol parameters
BasicHttpProcessorKeeps lists of interceptors for processing requests and responses
BasicHttpRequestBasic implementation of an HTTP request that can be modified
BasicHttpResponseBasic implementation of an HTTP response that can be modified
BasicLineFormatterInterface for formatting elements of the HEAD section of an HTTP message
BasicLineParserBasic parser for lines in the head section of an HTTP message
BasicListHeaderIteratorImplementation of a based on a java.util.List
BasicManagedEntityAn entity that releases a connection
BasicNameValuePairA simple class encapsulating an attribute/value pair
BasicPooledConnAdapterA connection wrapper and callback handler
BasicPoolEntryBasic implementation of a connection pool entry
BasicPoolEntryRefA weak reference to a BasicPoolEntry
BasicRequestLineThe first line of an HttpRequest
BasicResponseHandlerA that returns the response body as a String for successful (2xx) responses
BasicRouteDirectorBasic implementation of an HttpRouteDirector
BasicStatusLineRepresents a status line as returned from a HTTP server
BasicTokenIteratorBasic implementation of a
BasicUserPrincipalBasic user principal used for HTTP authentication
BestMatchSpec'Meta' cookie specification that selects a cookie policy depending on the format of the cookie(s)
BinaryCodecTranslates between byte arrays and strings of "0"s and "1"s
BinaryDecoderDefines common decoding methods for byte array decoders
BinaryEncoderDefines common encoding methods for byte array encoders
BrowserCompatHostnameVerifierThe HostnameVerifier that works the same way as Curl and Firefox
BrowserCompatSpecCookie specification that strives to closely mimic (mis)behavior of common web browser applications such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox
BufferedHeaderThis class represents a raw HTTP header whose content is parsed 'on demand' only when the header value needs to be consumed
BufferedHttpEntityA wrapping entity that buffers it content if necessary
ByteArrayBufferA resizable byte array
ByteArrayEntityAn entity whose content is retrieved from a byte array
CertificateX.509 Public Key Certificate
CertificateHandlerPKI certificate management interface
CertificateListenerCertificate listener for PKI integration
CharArrayBufferA resizable char array
ChunkedInputStreamImplements chunked transfer coding
ChunkedOutputStreamImplements chunked transfer coding
CircularRedirectExceptionSignals a circular redirect
ClientConnectionManagerManagement interface for client connections
ClientConnectionManagerFactoryA factory for creating new instances
ClientConnectionOperatorInterface for opening connections
ClientConnectionRequestEncapsulates a request for a
ClientContextContext attribute names for client
ClientCookieClientCookie extends the standard interface with additional client specific functionality such ability to retrieve original cookie attributes exactly as they were specified by the origin server
ClientParamsStackRepresents a stack of parameter collections
ClientPNamesParameter names for the HttpClient module
ClientProtocolExceptionSignals an error in the HTTP protocol
ClipboardManagerProgrammatic clipboard access
CloneUtilsA collection of utilities to workaround limitations of Java clone framework
SingleClientConnManager.ConnAdapterThe connection adapter used by this manager
ConnConnectionParamBeanAllows for setting parameters relating to connections on
ConnConnectionPNamesParameter names for connections in HttpConn
ConnectionClosedExceptionIndicates that a connection has been closed
ConnectionKeepAliveStrategyInterface for deciding how long a connection can remain idle before being reused
ConnectionPoolTimeoutExceptionA timeout while waiting for an available connection from a connection manager
ConnectionReleaseTriggerInterface for releasing a connection
ConnectionReuseStrategyInterface for deciding whether a connection should be kept alive
ConnectTimeoutExceptionA timeout while connecting to an HTTP server or waiting for an available connection from an HttpConnectionManager
ConnManagerParamBeanAllows for setting parameters relating to connection managers on
ConnManagerParamsThis class represents a collection of HTTP protocol parameters applicable to client-side connection managers
ConnManagerPNamesParameter names for connection managers in HttpConn
ConnPerRouteThis interface is intended for looking up maximum number of connections allowed for for a given route
ConnPerRouteBeanThis class maintains a map of HTTP routes to maximum number of connections allowed for those routes
ConnPoolByRouteA connection pool that maintains connections by route
ConnRouteParamBeanAllows for setting parameters relating to connection routes on
ConnRouteParamsAn adaptor for accessing route related parameters in
ConnRoutePNamesParameter names for routing in HttpConn
ContentLengthInputStreamStream that cuts off after a specified number of bytes
ContentLengthOutputStreamA stream wrapper that closes itself after a defined number of bytes
ContentLengthStrategyRepresents a strategy to determine the content length based on the properties of an HTTP message
ContentProducerAn abstract entity content producer
CookieHTTP "magic-cookie" represents a piece of state information that the HTTP agent and the target server can exchange to maintain a session
CookieAttributeHandlerThs interface represents a cookie attribute handler responsible for parsing, validating, and matching a specific cookie attribute, such as path, domain, port, etc
CookieIdentityComparatorThis cookie comparator can be used to compare identity of cookies
CookieOriginCookieOrigin class incapsulates details of an origin server that are relevant when parsing, validating or matching HTTP cookies
CookiePathComparatorThis cookie comparator ensures that multiple cookies satisfying a common criteria are ordered in the Cookie header such that those with more specific Path attributes precede those with less specific
CookieSpecDefines the cookie management specification
CookieSpecBaseCookie management functions shared by all specification
CookieSpecPNamesParameter names for cookie specifications in HttpCookie
CookieSpecRegistryCookie specification registry that can be used to obtain the corresponding cookie specification implementation for a given type of type or version of cookie
CookieStoreAbstract cookie store
CoreConnectionPNamesDefines parameter names for connections in HttpCore
CoreProtocolPNamesDefines parameter names for protocol execution in HttpCore
CredentialUser identity credential certificate chain
CredentialExceptionUser Credentials Profile Exception
CredentialsUser name and password based authentication credentials
CredentialsProfileUser Credentials Profile
CredentialsProviderAbstract credentials provider
DateParseExceptionAn exception to indicate an error parsing a date string
DateUtilsA utility class for parsing and formatting HTTP dates as used in cookies and other headers
DecoderExceptionThrown when a Decoder has encountered a failure condition during a decode
DefaultClientConnectionDefault implementation of an operated client connection
DefaultClientConnectionOperatorDefault implementation of a ClientConnectionOperator
DefaultConnectionKeepAliveStrategyDefault implementation of a strategy deciding duration that a connection can remain idle implementation that delegates resolution of an attribute to the given default instance if the attribute is not present in the local one implementation that delegates resolution of a parameter to the given default instance if the parameter is not present in the local one
DefaultHttpClientDefault implementation of an HTTP client
DefaultHttpRequestRetryHandlerThe default used by request executors
DefaultHttpRoutePlannerDefault implementation of an
DefaultRedirectHandlerDefault implementation of
DefaultRequestDirectorDefault implementation of
DoubleMetaphoneEncodes a string into a double metaphone value
DoubleMetaphone.DoubleMetaphoneResultInner class for storing results, since there is the optional alternate encoding
EncoderExceptionThrown when there is a failure condition during the encoding process
EncodingUtilsThe home for utility methods that handle various encoding tasks
EntityDeserializerDefault implementation of an entity deserializer
EntityEnclosingRequestWrapperA wrapper class for that can be used to change properties of the current request without modifying the original object
EntitySerializerDefault implementation of an entity serializer
EntityTemplateEntity that delegates the process of content generation to an abstract content producer
EntityUtilsStatic helpers for dealing with entities
EofSensorInputStreamA stream wrapper that triggers actions on close() and EOF
EofSensorWatcherA watcher for EofSensorInputStream
ExceptionUtilsThe home for utility methods that handle various exception-related tasks
ExecutionContextContext attribute names for protocol execution
ExpandableListActivityReplacement for native activity class
FileExtension of for working with the secure file system
FileEntityAn entity whose content is retrieved from a file
FileInputStreamExtension of for reading data from the secure file system
FileOutputStreamExtension of for writing data to the secure file system
FormattedHeaderAn HTTP header which is already formatted
FragmentActivityReplacement for native activity class
GDAndroidBlackBerry Dynamics runtime object interface, including authorization
GDAndroidBlackBerry Dynamics runtime object interface subset for wearable devices
GDAppEventEvent dispatched from the BlackBerry Dynamics runtime
GDAppEventListenerHandler for events dispatched from the BlackBerry Dynamics runtime, including authorization events
GDAppServerApplication server configuration
GDAuthTokenCallbackListener for handling the results of BlackBerry Dynamics authentication token requests
GDAutoCompleteTextViewReplacement for native widget class
GDConnectedApplicationConnected application details
GDConnectedApplicationSupportConnected application system interface
GDConnectedApplicationSupportListenerConnected application system results observer
GDConnectivityManagerBlackBerry Dynamics infrastructure connection management
GDDiagnosticBlackBerry Dynamics diagnostic checks and information
GDDiagnosticReachabilityListenerHandler for results from the diagnostic check reachability interface
GDDiagnosticReachabilityResultResults of a reachability check
GDEditTextReplacement for native widget class
GDEditTextPreferenceReplacement for native widget class
GDEntitlementVersionsRequestCallbackObserver interface for entitlement check results
GDErrorBase class for BlackBerry Dynamics Error classes
GDFileBackupHelperExtension of for backing up files from the secure file system
GDFileSystemSecure store replacements for the file opening methods in the android.content.Context class
GDHttpClientSecure communications subclass of Apache DefaultHttpClient
GDIccReceivingActivityInter-Container Communication receiving activity for backward compatibility
GDInitializationErrorBlackBerry Dynamics error for runtime initialization failure
GDKerberosAuthHandlerManage the BlackBerry Dynamics cache of Kerberos credentials (C++)
GDLogManagerBlackBerry Dynamics log manager
GDMissingDependancyErrorBlackBerry Dynamics error for missing library
GDMultiAutoCompleteTextViewReplacement for native widget class
GDNegotiateSchemeGSS programming interface, including SPNEGO (Java)
GDNetUtilityBlackBerry Dynamics proxy infrastructure network utilities
GDNetworkInfoBlackBerry Dynamics infrastructure connection status
GDNotAuthorizedErrorBlackBerry Dynamics error for usage before authorization processing
GDNotSupportedErrorError for attempted usage of a native feature that isn't supported by the BlackBerry Dynamics equivalent
GDNetUtility.GDNslookupCallbackListener interface for BlackBerry Dynamics name service lookup results
GDSearchViewReplacement for native widget class
GDServiceAppKinetics service provider
GDServiceClientAppKinetics service consumer
GDServiceClientListenerHandler for AppKinetics consumer events
GDServiceDetailDetails of a provided service
GDServiceErrorAppKinetics Error
GDServiceExceptionAppKinetics Exception
GDServiceHelperAppKinetics send Intent helper
GDServiceListenerAppKinetics service provider implementation
GDServiceProviderService provider details
GDSocketTCP sockets, supporting SSL/TLS and communication across the firewall
GDStateActionIntent Filter key constants for authorization and update events
GDStateListenerListener interface for authorization state transitions, and other events dispatched from the BlackBerry Dynamics runtime
GDTextViewReplacement for native widget class
GDThreadPoolExecutorHelperGD_THREAD_POOL_EXECUTOR is based on AsyncTask THREAD_POOL_EXECUTOR from Android Open Source Project oreo_release
GDUtilityBlackBerry Dynamics authentication token request
GDVersionBlackBerry Dynamics entitlement version
GDWebViewReplacement for native widget class
HeaderRepresents an HTTP header field
HeaderElementOne element of an HTTP header value
HeaderElementIteratorA type-safe iterator for HeaderElement objects
HeaderGroupA class for combining a set of headers
HeaderIteratorA type-safe iterator for Header objects
HeaderValueFormatterInterface for formatting elements of a header value
HeaderValueParserInterface for parsing header values into elements
HexHex encoder and decoder
HTTPConstants and static helpers related to the HTTP protocol
HttpClientInterface for an HTTP client
HttpClientConnectionAn HTTP connection for use on the client side
HttpClientParamsAn adaptor for accessing HTTP client parameters in
HttpConnectionA generic HTTP connection, useful on client and server side
HttpConnectionMetricsThe point of access to the statistics of an
HttpConnectionParamsAn adaptor for accessing connection parameters in
HttpContextA context for executing a request
HttpDateGeneratorGenerates a date in the format required by the HTTP protocol
HttpDeleteHTTP DELETE method
HttpEntityAn entity that can be sent or received with an HTTP message
HttpEntityEnclosingRequestA request with an entity
HttpEntityEnclosingRequestBaseBasic implementation of an HTTP request that can be modified
HttpEntityWrapperBase class for wrapping entities
HttpExceptionSignals that an HTTP exception has occurred
HttpExpectationVerifierDefines an interface to verify whether an incoming HTTP request meets the target server's expectations
HttpGetHTTP GET method
HttpHeadHTTP HEAD method
HttpHostHolds all of the variables needed to describe an HTTP connection to a host
HttpHostConnectExceptionA that specifies the that was being connected to
HttpInetConnectionAn HTTP connection over the Internet Protocol (IP)
HttpMessageA generic HTTP message
HttpMessageParserGeneric message parser interface
HttpMessageWriterGeneric message writer interface
HttpOptionsHTTP OPTIONS method
HttpParamsRepresents a collection of HTTP protocol and framework parameters
HttpPatchHTTP PATCH method
HttpPostHTTP POST method
HttpProcessorPerforms interceptor processing of requests and responses
HttpProtocolParamsThis class implements an adaptor around the interface to simplify manipulation of the HTTP protocol specific parameters
HttpPutHTTP PUT method
HttpRequestAn HTTP request
HttpRequestBaseBasic implementation of an HTTP request that can be modified
HttpRequestExecutorSends HTTP requests and receives the responses
HttpRequestFactoryA factory for HttpRequest objects
HttpRequestHandlerRegistryMaintains a map of HTTP request handlers keyed by a request URI pattern
HttpRequestHandlerResolverInterface to be implemented by objects that can resolve instances by request URI
HttpRequestInterceptorProcesses a request
HttpRequestInterceptorListProvides access to an ordered list of request interceptors
HttpRequestRetryHandlerA handler for determining if an HttpRequest should be retried after a recoverable exception during execution
HttpResponseAn HTTP response
HttpResponseExceptionSignals a non 2xx HTTP response
HttpResponseFactoryA factory for HttpResponse objects
HttpResponseInterceptorProcesses a response
HttpResponseInterceptorListProvides access to an ordered list of response interceptors
HttpRouteThe route for a request
HttpRouteDirectorProvides directions on establishing a route
HttpRoutePlannerEncapsulates logic to compute a to a target host
HttpServerConnectionAn HTTP connection for use on the server side
HttpServiceMinimalistic server-side implementation of an HTTP processor
HttpStatusConstants enumerating the HTTP status codes
HttpTraceHTTP TRACE method
HttpTransportMetricsImplDefault implementation of
HttpUriRequestExtended version of the interface that provides convenience methods to access request properties such as request URI and method type
HttpVersionRepresents an HTTP version, as specified in RFC 2616
IdentityInputStreamA stream for reading from a session input buffer
IdentityOutputStreamA stream for writing with an "identity" transport encoding
IdleConnectionHandlerA helper class for connection managers to track idle connections
InetAddressUtilsA collection of utilities relating to InetAddresses
InputStreamEntityA streamed entity obtaining content from an InputStream
InvalidCredentialsExceptionAuthentication credentials required to respond to a authentication challenge are invalid
Kerberos5CredentialsCredentials class for using Kerberos authentication with GDHttpClient
LangUtilsA set of utility methods to help produce consistent Object.equals() and Object.hashCode() methods
LaxContentLengthStrategyThe lax implementation of the content length strategy
LayeredSocketFactoryA SocketFactory for layered sockets (SSL/TLS)
LineFormatterInterface for formatting elements of the HEAD section of an HTTP message
LineParserInterface for parsing lines in the HEAD section of an HTTP message
ListActivityReplacement for native activity class
LoggingSessionInputBufferLogs all data read to the wire LOG
LoggingSessionOutputBufferLogs all data written to the wire LOG
MalformedChallengeExceptionSignals that authentication challenge is in some way invalid or illegal in the given context
MalformedChunkCodingExceptionSignals a malformed chunked stream
MalformedCookieExceptionSignals that a cookie is in some way invalid or illegal in a given context
ManagedClientConnectionA client-side connection with advanced connection logic
MetaphoneEncodes a string into a metaphone value
MethodNotSupportedExceptionIndicates that an HTTP method is not supported
MultihomePlainSocketFactorySocket factory that implements a simple multi-home fail-over on connect failure, provided the same hostname resolves to multiple
NameValuePairA simple class encapsulating an attribute/value pair
NegotiateSchemeGSS programming interface, including SPNEGO (C++)
NetscapeDraftSpecNetscape cookie draft compliant cookie policy
NonRepeatableRequestExceptionSignals failure to retry the request due to non-repeatable request entity
NoOpLog specific to the Windows platform
NTLMEngineAbstract NTLM authentication engine
NTLMEngineExceptionSignals NTLM protocol failure
NTUserPrincipalNT (MS Windows specific) user principal used for HTTP authentication
OperatedClientConnectionA client-side connection that relies on outside logic to connect sockets to the appropriate hosts
ParseExceptionIndicates a parse error
ParserCursorThis class represents a context of a parsing operation: <ul> <li>the current position the parsing operation is expected to start at</li> <li>the bounds limiting the scope of the parsing operation</li> </ul>
PlainSocketFactoryThe default class for creating sockets
SingleClientConnManager.PoolEntryThe pool entry for this connection manager
PoolEntryRequestEncapsulates a request for a
PreferenceActivityReplacement for native activity class
ProtocolExceptionSignals that an HTTP protocol violation has occurred
ProtocolVersionRepresents a protocol version, as specified in RFC 2616
ProxySelectorRoutePlannerDefault implementation of an
PushChannelManage Push Channel tokens and notifications
PushChannelListenerListener interface for Push Channel state transitions and received Push Channel notifications (deprecated)
PushConnectionManage Push Channel connection (deprecated)
PushConnectionListenerListener interface for Push Connection state transitions (deprecated)
RandomAccessFileSecure store replacement for the class
ReasonPhraseCatalogInterface for obtaining reason phrases for HTTP status codes
RedirectExceptionSignals violation of HTTP specification caused by an invalid redirect
RedirectHandlerA handler for determining if an HTTP request should be redirected to a new location in response to an HTTP response received from the target server
RedirectLocationsA collection of URIs that were used as redirects
RefinedSoundexEncodes a string into a Refined Soundex value
RefQueueHandlerCallback handler for RefQueueWorker
RefQueueWorkerA worker thread for processing queued references
RequestAddCookiesRequest interceptor that matches cookies available in the current to the request being executed and generates corresponding cookierequest headers
RequestConnControlA request interceptor that suggests connection keep-alive to the server
RequestContentA request interceptor that decides about the transport encoding
RequestDateA request interceptor that adds a Date header
RequestDefaultHeadersRequest interceptor that adds default request headers
RequestDirectorA client-side request director
RequestExpectContinueA request interceptor that enables the expect-continue handshake
RequestLineThe first line of an HttpRequest
RequestTargetHostA request interceptor that sets the Host header for HTTP/1.1 requests
RequestUserAgentA request interceptor that adds a User-Agent header
RequestWrapperA wrapper class for that can be used to change properties of the current request without modifying the original object
ResponseConnControlA response interceptor that suggests connection keep-alive to the client
ResponseContentA response interceptor that sets up entity-related headers
ResponseDateA response interceptor that adds a Date header
ResponseHandler< T >Handler that encapsulates the process of generating a response object from a
ResponseProcessCookiesResponse interceptor that populates the current with data contained in response cookies received in the given the HTTP response
ResponseServerA response interceptor that adds a Server header
RFC2109SpecRFC 2109 compliant cookie policy
RFC2617SchemeAbstract authentication scheme class that lays foundation for all RFC 2617 compliant authetication schemes and provides capabilities common to all authentication schemes defined in RFC 2617
RFC2965CommentUrlAttributeHandler"CommantURL" cookie attribute handler for RFC 2965 cookie spec
RFC2965DiscardAttributeHandler"Discard" cookie attribute handler for RFC 2965 cookie spec
RFC2965DomainAttributeHandler"Domain" cookie attribute handler for RFC 2965 cookie spec
RFC2965PortAttributeHandler"Port" cookie attribute handler for RFC 2965 cookie spec
RFC2965VersionAttributeHandler"Version" cookie attribute handler for RFC 2965 cookie spec
RoutedRequestA request with the route along which it should be sent
RouteInfoRead-only interface for route information
RouteSpecificPoolA connection sub-pool for a specific route, used by
RouteTrackerHelps tracking the steps in establishing a route
SchemeEncapsulates specifics of a protocol scheme such as "http" or "https"
SchemeRegistryA set of supported protocol schemes
SessionInputBufferSession input buffer for blocking connections
SessionOutputBufferSession output buffer for blocking connections
SetCookieThis interface represents a SetCookie response header sent by the origin server to the HTTP agent in order to maintain a conversational state
SetCookie2This interface represents a SetCookie2 response header sent by the origin server to the HTTP agent in order to maintain a conversational state
SingleClientConnManagerA connection "manager" for a single connection
SMConstants and static helpers related to the HTTP state management
SocketFactoryA factory for creating and connecting sockets bound session input buffer bound session output buffer
SoundexEncodes a string into a Soundex value
SoundexUtilsUtility methods for and classes
SSLSocketFactoryLayered socket factory for TLS/SSL connections, based on JSSE
StatusLineRepresents a status line as returned from a HTTP server
StrictContentLengthStrategyThe strict implementation of the content length strategy
StrictHostnameVerifierThe Strict HostnameVerifier works the same way as Sun Java 1.4, Sun Java 5, Sun Java 6-rc
StringDecoderDecodes a String into a String
StringEncoderEncodes a String into a String
StringEncoderComparatorStrings are comparable, and this comparator allows you to configure it with an instance of a class which implements StringEncoder
StringEncodingsString encodings used in this package
StringEntityAn entity whose content is retrieved from a string
SyncBasicHttpContextThread-safe extension of the
ThreadSafeClientConnManagerManages a pool of client connections
TokenIteratorAn iterator for String tokens
UnsupportedDigestAlgorithmExceptionAuthentication credentials required to respond to a authentication challenge are invalid
UnsupportedHttpVersionExceptionIndicates an unsupported version of the HTTP protocol
UriPatternMatcherMaintains a map of objects keyed by a request URI pattern
URIUtilsA collection of utilities for, to workaround bugs within the class or for ease-of-use features
UrlEncodedFormEntityAn entity composed of a list of url-encoded pairs
URLEncodedUtilsA collection of utilities for encoding URLs
UsernamePasswordCredentialsUsername and password
UserTokenHandlerA handler for determining if the given execution context is user specific or not
VersionInfoProvides access to version information for HTTP components
WaitingThreadRepresents a thread waiting for a connection
WaitingThreadAborterA simple class that can interrupt a
WireLogs data to the wire LOG
X509HostnameVerifierInterface for checking if a hostname matches the names stored inside the server's X.509 certificate