• BlackBerry Dynamics
  • Runtime library for Android applications
Class List
Interfaces, protocols and structs in the BlackBerry Dynamics runtime library:
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 NanalyticsengineBlackBerry Analytics and BlackBerry Persona
 NbbwebviewDisplay webpages using BlackBerry WebView
 CBBHttpAuthHandlerRepresents a request for HTTP authentication
 CBBWebChromeClientProvides additional functionality for BBWebView
 CBBWebResourceErrorEncapsulates information about errors occured during loading of web resources
 CBBWebViewClass for supporting access to private/corporate network resources through BlackBerry Dynamics SDK
 CBBWebViewClientClass for loading URLs via BlackBerry Dynamics SDK
 CWebClientObserverClass for notifying the application about page loading progress
 NdetectMake on demand requests to detect specific threats
 NjwtManage tokens from BlackBerry Enterprise Identity
 NthreatMonitor threats related to the device, application, network, and user
 NgdBlackBerry Dynamics runtime library
 NauthenticationReAuthenticate to Confirm API
 NbackupExtension of Android FileBackupHelper
 NdiagnosticDiagnostic checks and information
 NfileSecure File System
 NiccAppKinetics secure inter-application data exchange
 NlogSecure logging manager
 NnetSecure Communication
 NpkiPublic Key Infrastructure Integration
 NpushManage Push Channel tokens and notifications
 NutilityUtility for single sign-on and identity
 NwidgetSecure Cut-Copy-Paste Operations
 CActivityReplacement for native activity class
 CApplicationStateThis class represents a number of aspects of the BlackBerry Dynamics run-time state
 CExpandableListActivityReplacement for native activity class
 CFragmentActivityReplacement for native activity class
 CGDAndroidBlackBerry Dynamics runtime object interface, including authorization
 CGDAppEventEvent dispatched from the BlackBerry Dynamics runtime
 CGDAppEventListenerHandler for events dispatched from the BlackBerry Dynamics runtime, including authorization events
 CGDAppEventTypeConstants for GDAppEvent type
 CGDAppResultCodeConstants for GDAppEvent result code
 CGDAppServerApplication server configuration
 CGDEntitlementVersionsRequestCallbackObserver interface for entitlement check results
 CGDIccReceivingActivityInter-Container Communication receiving activity for backward compatibility
 CGDServiceDetailDetails of a provided service
 CGDServiceProviderService provider details
 CGDServiceTypeConstants for BlackBerry Dynamics service provider type
 CGDStateActionIntent Filter key constants for authorization and update events
 CGDStateListenerListener interface for authorization state transitions, and other events dispatched from the BlackBerry Dynamics runtime
 CGDVersionBlackBerry Dynamics entitlement version
 CListActivityReplacement for native activity class
 CPreferenceActivityReplacement for native activity class
 CNegotiateSchemeGSS programming interface, including SPNEGO (C++)
 CGDKerberosAuthCallbackAsynchronous callback functor informing if Kerberos ticket creation succeeded (C++)
 CGDKerberosAuthHandlerManage the BlackBerry Dynamics cache of Kerberos credentials (C++)
 CSafeUrlCheck that URLs are safe using BlackBerry Protect (C++)
 CSafeUrlCallbackCallback object returned from SafeURL
 CSafeUrlResultItemItem within the SafeURL callback