BlackBerry Testing Services

Testing services organizations which can assist with compatibility, usability or functional testing on different BlackBerry® smartphones and/or carrier networks.


DeviceAnywhere™ provides developers with real-time interaction with handsets connected to live global networks.

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With GetJar, over 26,000 active beta testers will test your BlackBerry smartphone application for free.

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Intertek NSTL

Intertek NSTL can assist developers with their compatibility, usability and functionality testing requirements.

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Mob4Hire provides crowd-sourced mobile application testing and market research. Mob4Hire significantly reduces costs and time-to-market by connecting developers with eager, crowd-sourced testers and focus groups.

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Mobica Limited

Mobica provides highly specialized software engineering and testing services for the BlackBerry platform, maximizing the end-user experience.

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Perfecto Mobile

The Perfecto Mobile service enables you to remotely control numerous real BlackBerry smartphones via the Internet.

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