HDMI connections carry high-definition video and compressed or uncompressed audio. You can use the micro HDMI port on your BlackBerry 10 device to connect to HDMI compatible devices, such as high-definition TVs, monitors, and projectors. BlackBerry 10 devices that support HDMI are HDMI 1.4 certified.


To use an HDMI connection to interface your peripheral with a BlackBerry 10 smartphone, you use the native APIs. You can find the ones you need in the following libraries:

  • The core Screen Graphics Subsystem Library helps you discover and retrieve information about inserted peripherals. You can use the screen property type, SCREEN_PROPERTY_ATTACHED, to determine whether a physical display is connected.
  • The Cascades DisplayInfo API helps you to determine the properties of the built-in physical display, and any externally connected physical display. It also enables monitoring of the display state, such as when a physical display is attached or disconnected ( attachedChanged()).

HDMI resources

Resource Description

HDMI on BlackBerry 10

This video presentation explores some of the possibilities for HDMI applications to display alternate content on a secondary display by using presenter mode on a BlackBerry 10 device.

BlackBerry 10 native API deep dive

This BlackBerry JAM presentation features a demonstration that shows how to use the native APIs to render data from the HDMI port of a BlackBerry 10 device on an external display.

You can download the source code used in this presentation from GitHub.



HDMI.org is the official home of HDMI technology. Here you can find detailed information about HDMI specifications, resources, and events.