Audio jack

Have you ever considered audio-based accessory integration? This method uses the headphone jack on your BlackBerry 10 device to transmit and receive data via audio. While this might sound like an unlikely choice, it's an integration technique that's in use today, and provides an effective alternative for interfacing with a BlackBerry 10 device when other methods, such as Bluetooth or NFC, aren't viable.

Audio APIs

To interface your accessory with a BlackBerry 10 smartphone by using the audio jack, you need the core APIs. You can find them in the Audio Library.

Audio integration resources

Here are some links to resources to help provide inspiration and show you how you can use audio integration as an alternative to other communication technologies such as Bluetooth.

Resource Description

Audio accessory blog post

This blog post examines the Audio Accessory sample app and the theory behind it.

Audio accessory video

This video presentation shows the Audio Accessory sample app in action.

Low latency blog post

This blog post describes how to add low-latency audio to your core or Cascades app by using the Tone Generator sample app.