Using BlackBerry Classic trackpad and key inputs

The trackpad and navigation keys found on the BlackBerry Classic smartphone are available for simulation. In the controller, click Classic.

The classic trackpad and navigation keys.

Click and hold your secondary mouse button on the Controller's trackpad area and drag your mouse to navigate and scroll the simulator screen. Click your primary mouse button to simulate a trackpad click and activate a highlighted item.

Button Function

Call key

Call key

  • Answers a call.
  • Opens the Phone app.

Menu key

Menu key

  • Opens an app action menu.
  • Selects a highlighted menu item.
  • Shows the Active Frames page (press and hold).

Back key

Back key

  • Returns to the previous screen.
  • Closes a menu.

End call

End key

  • Ends a call.
  • Returns to the home screen.
  • Turns off the device (press and hold).

Toggle shift mode button

Shift Mode toggle

Toggles shift mode, which simulates pressing the keyboard shift key while using the trackpad.

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