Push Service

Push Service

The Push Service is an essential component of the real-time, always-on experience of BlackBerry devices. The Push Service offers an incredibly efficient and reliable way to send information to your users and it allows you to alert users of new and current information as soon as it's available.

To use the Push Service, you must first register to evaluate the Push Service. Registration provides a secure test environment that you can use to test your app.

When your app is ready for release, you can register to launch your app in production.

If you're using the Push Service with the BlackBerry Enterprise Service, you don't need to register. For information about using push in the enterprise, see the enterprise push page.

As you develop your apps, you can post questions and find answers on the BlackBerry Push Development forum.


green checkmark 12x12 Allows pushing content up to 8 KB in size (images, text, or audio)

green checkmark 12x12 Uses standard push protocols (WAP PAP 2.0 and 2.1)

green checkmark 12x12 Provides different submission modes:
  • Point-to-point (sends push message to a single device PIN)
  • Multicast (sends push message to a list of PINs)
  • Broadcast (sends push message to all PINs for a registered application)

green checkmark 12x12 Lets you control the expiry time of push messages

green checkmark 12x12 Allows apps to process push messages in the background


Immediate information

Smartphone customers expect to be notified whenever new information becomes available. Pushing data to a BlackBerry device provides users with instant access to information updates, such as news, weather, sports scores, stock prices, and other time-sensitive content.

The key ingredient that gives BlackBerry devices this capability is the push technology that the Push Service leverages. You can securely and reliably push content to millions of devices at once. Other push solutions have push message size limitations that only let you provide simple notifications that new content is available to download.

Longer battery life

The Push Service minimizes the impact on the device's battery life. Instead of actively checking for new data, your app can remain closed. Once the data is delivered, your application can be launched in the background to process the data as needed.

This process is different from other methods, for example polling, where a device regularly polls an application server to see if new content is available. This happens even when new content isn't available. Each poll reduces battery life by activating the antenna and accessing the wireless network. With the Push Service, your app doesn't drain the device battery with unnecessary polling requests or multiple poke-and-pull steps to download new content.


The Push Service provides an efficient way to push updates to many devices at once in a centrally managed and controlled manner. You can also be selective in who you send information to, including individual customers (point-to-point), many customers (multicast), or all of your user base (broadcast).

A world of opportunity

The Push Service can help your app drive more traffic back to revenue generators such as transactions, subscriptions, and advertising. Frequent push requests can also bring your app to your users' attention giving them a reason to open your app. This can help prevent your app from getting lost among the other content on a device.