Maps Service

Maps Service

Implement a Rich, Unique Mapping Experience into Your Apps

Embed mapping functionalities into your BlackBerry WebWorks or Java apps with BlackBerry Mapfield APIs or simply invoke the BlackBerry Maps application. Orient users to their surroundings, highlight points of interest and add additional features to apps that leverage Locate Service features.

With the reports and metrics available with the Analytics Service, you can find out if your app is being used the way it was designed to be used. You can also identify user behavior and segments to discover new business opportunities and measure how much your app is being used on different technology versions and in different locations.

Enhanced Map Veiw API

  • Show multiple mapfields on the screen at once
  • Show in and out-of-coverage colors with the map color scheme update
  • Provide street line thickness adjustments
  • Provide region-specific generalizations with polygon generalization improvements
  • Show state borders
  • Use built-in panning/zooming on mapfields

Built In Data Containment API

Leverage a built in data management layer for key points of interest (POIs):

  • Place POI pins automatically, based on latitude and longitude
  • Render POI pins automatically on the mapfield as users pan and zoom
  • Custom tag, label and hide POIs based on need

Item Grouping API

  • Consolidate multiple POIs into a single pin location to minimize clutter in high density areas (metropolitan cities) and/or high occurrence searches (restaurants, coffee, etc.)

Static Bitmap Map Viewer API

  • Allow users to take a simple image of a mapfield and send it via email, text or BlackBerry® Messenger

Toronto map screenshot

Australia map screenshot