Locate Service

Locate Service

Build Apps that Provide Real-time Location Information

Add cell site location triangulation to your apps easily with the BlackBerry Application Platform Locate Service. Apps enabled with Locate Service can help provide customers with the ability to receive location information rapidly-even in the absence of a GPS signal in buildings-while also minimizing battery usage when compared to GPS.

Geolocation using cell towers

Quickly pinpoint user locations based on proximity to cell towers. Locate Service doesn't require GPS, making it useful whenever people are inside buildings or in other areas where GPS availability is limited or absent.


For subscribers with GPS-capable BlackBerry smartphones, deliver enhanced features in apps that orient users to points of interest and direct them to specific locations.

GPS map screenshot

Geocoding and reverse geocoding

Geocoding provides location coordinates-latitude and longitude-based on an address. Reverse geocoding turns location coordinates (expressed in latitude and longitude) into contextual details such as a street address, city, state, country or postal code.