Cloud Services

Cloud Services for BlackBerry devices manages the backend stack of mobile apps, leaving you free to do what you do best: build great mobile apps for BlackBerry!

With, you can launch full-featured, cloud-connected apps in minutes without worrying about server management. services maintain and scale your backend infrastructure including push notifications, database management and mobile analytics.

It's free to get started, and offers several pricing options to grow with you. And for a limited time, BlackBerry developers can access services free for 6 months!

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Cloud Database

The NoSQL Cloud Database is second-to-none in terms of performance and functionality. All of your data is kept in memory which means accessing it is increadibly fast. This doesn't mean it's a basic key-value storage option; you can run any kind of condition on your data and aggregate functions.

Cloud Functions

Use Cloud Functions to let their servers do the heavy lifting and leave your app free to be smooth and beautiful. Create your own functions using PHP and run them on servers whenever and however you want. Cloud Functions can be executed on-demand, run as triggers on your cloud database collections, or they can be scheduled.

Push notifications

Your mobile app runs on multiple platforms. With push notifications, with just one API call, you can push a notification to all your customer devices. No matter what they are.

There's more. You can separate your customer devices into specific channels and target pushes by channel.

Shared API

With the shared API, turn your application into a platform all of its own for other developers to interact with. Use the Shared API functionality to allow other applications to access your data, effectively building a set of RESTful API for your app. A Shared API is effectively a Cloud Function, and there is no limit to what you can do with it.


Learn more with the mobile application analytics. Keep track of how your customers interact with your application. Keep improving your application by understanding how your customers interact with it. Beyond standard analytics, you can also create custom measures using the logging APIs.