Message structure

According to the PAP standard, WAP-247-PAP-20010429-a, a push message has three parts:



RFC 2822 email message

This component contains the entire message. The RFC specifies the format of an email message on the BlackBerry device. The address is the destination URL you received on registration, to port 80 for HTTP and to port 443 for HTTPS.

RFC 2045 MIME section

This component is a MIME attachment of type application/xml. Push messages that you send are always part of a multipart MIME message.

XML command

This component is an XML command. Standard XML commands contain <pap> top-level elements and non-PAP standard XML commands contain <bpds> top-level elements. For information about the XML commands, see the XML element reference.

Any other message or a response is sent as an XML message over HTTPS.