Four Pillars of Enterprise Development

Rely on the BlackBerry Infrastructure to develop and manage cross-platform apps that empower employees to be truly mobile and productive on the device they choose. The infrastructure is based on four pillars:

Connectivity Connectivity

The BlackBerry MDS Connection Service, coupled with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, lets you develop enterprise apps that connect to your data behind the firewall, without the need for a VPN infrastructure. With security already handled for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices, you can focus on creating apps that meet your company’s business needs.

Push Technology Push Technology

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 lets you push information to the app and notify users that something has arrived. These near real-time notifications keep users productive. Push technology can enhance the capabilities and value of enterprise apps on the BlackBerry operating system.

When you are ready to use push technology app, you can find more details under Push.

App Management App Management

With BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, users can enjoy a corporate app storefront that spans across platforms and versions. BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 allows you to assign applications to users or groups in either mandatory or optional configurations. In addition, software can be managed by application version, device type, and device model/software version.

Cross-Platform Development Cross-Platform Development

BYOD brings challenges to IT and development staff. Learn how BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 and cross-platform application development support from BlackBerry helps with the development and deployment of enterprise apps across BlackBerry, iOS, and Android devices.