Designing applications

Welcome to application design for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet! The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet provides you with a new opportunity to create a dynamic experience for your users. By creating a visually rich application, you can engage users in a powerful way. And yet, by using a simple navigational model, you can create essential business applications that can be used in a highly secure environment.

This screen shows categories of BlackBerry applications.

This document contains core design principles and best practices for designing applications for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. As you start designing applications, consider how you can incorporate these core design principles. In addition to these principles, consider the attributes that are important to the majority of your users. For example, most game enthusiasts want to play games that are entertaining, visually appealing, and challenging. In contrast, organizations want utility applications that increase efficiency and productivity.

The design process involves evaluating choices and making decisions. As designers, you shape the user experience by balancing user goals with the data, environment, and usability requirements of the application. The best way to find out if your application successfully integrates the most important attributes and requirements is to evaluate it with users.

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