Stage 4: Incorporating visual design

During this stage, focus on creating an application that is engaging and motivating to users. Add richness to the design. Incorporate branding elements such as icons and colors.

Design outputs

You can create the following design outputs:

  • Icons
  • Visual designs

User research methods

You can use the following types of user research methods to help you test icons and visual designs:

User research method


Usability evaluation

If you have evaluated the usability of the application since stage one, consider repeating the goal-based tasks. During this stage you can focus on identifying how the visual design impacts the tasks.

Comparative tests of icons

These tests can help to identify the visual elements that users respond to positively.

Best practice: Incorporating visual design

Consider the following guidelines:

  • Track the emotional responses that users have to the application and specific elements within the application.
  • Design visual resources that scale to accommodate different screen sizes.
  • Avoid changing the default font size. If you change the default font size, test the change on all BlackBerry devices that you are designing the application for.
  • Verify the layout of each screen on each device that you are designing for.

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