Best practice: Capitalization

For title case capitalization, capitalize the first word, the last word, and all other words except articles or prepositions with fewer than four letters. For sentence case capitalization, capitalize the first word and any other word that requires capitalization (such as a proper noun).

  • Use sentence case capitalization for descriptions, dialog box messages, check boxes, and radio buttons.
  • Use title case capitalization for application names (unless the brand specifies otherwise), screen titles, menu items, buttons, drop-down list labels and values, tooltips, and BlackBerry device keys (for example, "press the Escape key").
  • Use title case capitalization for links unless the link is within a phrase or sentence. In this case, use the capitalization and punctuation of the text.
  • Use title case capitalization for RIM product names (for example, "BlackBerry Enterprise Server") unless otherwise noted in the RIM trademark and product name list. For more information about RIM product names, visit
  • Avoid using uppercase capitalization for emphasis. Uppercase capitalization can make users feel like you are shouting at them.

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