Set app visibility for the storefront

You can use the BlackBerry World vendor portal to set apps as public or private. Private apps are not visible to the general public in the storefront, but can be accessed by direct URL. This visibility control functionality is ideal for enterprises that do not have a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, but still want to distribute apps such as CRM or Enterprise IM to their BlackBerry users.

Your private app is hidden in BlackBerry World, but is still accessible to anyone who has the direct URL. Make sure any private app you distribute is secured by an authorization mechanism such as login credentials or VPN access.

  1. Enable access to the visibility control app setting in the vendor portal by contacting Vendor Support. You will receive a message confirming that your vendor account is able to use the setting.
  2. Prepare your app submission as described in Setting up your app in BlackBerry World, but select one of the following from the Public/Private App drop-down in the Details section:
    • Select Public if you want your app to be visible to and searchable by the general public in BlackBerry World.
    • Select Private if you want your app to be accessible only by a URL that links directly to your app's page in BlackBerry World.
  3. Submit your app for approval.
  4. If your app is private, provide a direct URL to your users so they can download it from BlackBerry World. The URL is appended with the app's unique Content ID. For example, if your app's ID was 1, the full URL would be

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