Naming your app

It is important to use an application name that is easy to remember and to find by searching in the BlackBerry World storefront.

These tips can help you choose an appropriate name for your app:

  • Make your app name clear, descriptive, and suitable for all ages.
  • If your app is a trial, beta, or “lite” version it is not mandatory to include this information in your app name.
  • If your app targets specific languages and locations, specify those languages and regions in your app name (for example, "AP Mobile en Espanol," "ELLE Canada," "Viigo India").
  • If your app is in a different language, provide a translation for your app name.
  • Use at least four letters in your app name. Apps names that are shorter will most likely have low visibility and will not appear in user searches.
  • Use the BlackBerry brand and trademarks appropriately as outlined in the Public Guidelines for Use of BlackBerry.

When naming apps, here are some things to avoid:

  • Don't include profanity in app names.
  • Don’t use the term "free" in the name of your app for a trial version (for example, don’t name it "MyGame Free" if it’s a trial version).
  • Don’t add search keywords in your app name (for example, "Phone Tracker GPS Lost Map").
  • Don’t include a version number or vendor name (for example, "Catch the Stars v1.2.2" or "Catch the Stars – StarProductions"). An exception applies when the vendor name is the app name (for example, foursquare).
  • Don’t put a feature list or long description in the app name (for example, "FaxToGo Send fax from your phone, save document for later use").
  • Don’t use any special characters such as ® or ™ unless it has been registered as such (for example, don't use "Catch the Stars™ - StarProductions®"). You should use the standard ASCII character set.
  • Don't imply a relationship or association with BlackBerry and your app (for example, "BlackBerry Britannia Concise Encyclopedia 2011").

If you add an app that uses the same name as another, previously added app, only one of those apps can be offered for sale on BlackBerry World.

Adding apps with different names to BlackBerry World

By default, when a user downloads and installs your app on a BlackBerry device, the installation process uses the app name that you specified, and the vendor name associated with your vendor account in the vendor portal.

The BlackBerry vendor portal provides a field to override the JAD file product and vendor names.

The Override Names field is only available for apps that run on BlackBerry 7 or earlier smartphones. You can't use this field for apps that run on BlackBerry 10 smartphones, or BlackBerry PlayBook tablets.

This Override Names field is only used by vendors whose apps have been distributed outside BlackBerry World with a different vendor name and/or app name. For example, Company A distributes their Awesome app using a browser and JAD file for download and installation. Then Company B buys Company A, rebrands the Awesome app and adds it as a new app on BlackBerry World. At this point, it's possible for a user who has purchased the original Awesome app to run into problems when trying to upgrade the rebranded app.

To address this situation, BlackBerry World provides the Override Names field. If the vendor and/or app names used in your download JAD file are different than the names associated with your vendor portal account, you can use this field to enter override names. This will prevent duplicate copies of the app from appearing on a user’s device, but does not visibly change the names in the storefront from the customer's point of view.

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