Using the BlackBerry brand and trademarks

BlackBerry owns the BlackBerry family of trademarks. To maintain the distinctiveness of BlackBerry trademarks, logos, and imagery, BlackBerry must ensure these terms are used in a manner that does not imply that an app is affiliated or endorsed by BlackBerry, when in fact there is no such relationship.

You need to have license from BlackBerry, or express written authorization to use BlackBerry trademarks, logos and imagery by third-parties.

The list below lists examples of acceptable and unacceptable use of BlackBerry trademarked terms:

You can use this

Do not use this



BlackBerry® smartphones


(Your application name) for use with BlackBerry® smartphones


BlackBerry (Your application name)

BB (Your application name)

For detailed information on BlackBerry branding and trademark guidelines, visit the BlackBerry Trademarks, Logos and Imagery.

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