Create a SKU

A SKU is an inventory control mechanism that you use to manage your apps. When you add a new app, you can enter a SKU that is used to identify the app in the BlackBerry World storefront. It never appears to your customers in the storefront. The SKU can be updated at any time.

If you do not create a SKU, the vendor portal adds one for you.

If you build your app so that there are separate, optimized versions for different BlackBerry devices (BlackBerry 7 or earlier smartphones, BlackBerry 10 smartphones, and BlackBerry Playbook tablets), you can use one SKU for each device. You can submit different screen shots, icons, feature image, descriptions, and keywords for each version of your app, using the same SKU.

The SKU value must be at least five characters long. Each character must be a digit from zero to nine, a letter from A to Z (upper case or lower case), a dash ( - ), or an underscore ( _ ). The SKU value must contain at least one non-numerical character.

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