Release notes

New features

We recently updated the BlackBerry World Vetting Criteria to reflect BlackBerry’s policy of disseminating content that is non-offensive, and to align with standard industry practices. Specifically, we have updated our policies to prevent content with strong sexual connotations to be distributed through the store. See the Vetting Criteria and Choose the appropriate content rating for more details.

Fixed and Known issues

Fixed issues


When you added a new release to an app that was currently for sale, the vendor portal cleared the check boxes on the detail and listing pages. This was a display issue only. If you exited the current view and re-entered the application, the checkbox status was restored.


No specific error message appeared on the release details page when you uploaded a non-PDF file for the Commodity Classification Automated Tracking System (CCATS) and/or the import/supply permit (France). Instead, when you saved the page, a message appeared indicating that no file bundles were attached.

Known issues


If you attempt to schedule a report by typing a date in the Start Date field, the calendar control covers the Start Date field.


If you attempt to upload a tax document in PDF format in Internet Explorer 10, an error message appears and your PDF fails to upload.

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