Release notes

New features

The following features are recent changes to the BlackBerry World vendor portal.

New support information preferences

When you add an app, you can now select whether to include an email address and/or a URL for support on the app purchase receipt that the user receives. If you don't enter any preference for the app, the purchase receipt preference you selected for your vendor information will appear.

Paid upgrades are no longer allowed for new releases

When you add a new release for your app, it must be a free upgrade release. If you must introduce a paid app upgrade, you can add the new features as in-app goods for sale.

For existing app releases, the following policies apply:

  • If your release is in Draft status, you can't submit the release for approval with Paid upgrade or Minimum upgrade version selected. This policy also applies if you change your app release from Approved status to Draft status.
  • If your release is in Approved or Under Review status, paid upgrades are still supported.

Streamlined application process for Built for BlackBerry

It's never been easier to submit your apps for the Built for BlackBerry program. And now, Built for BlackBerry apps enjoy extra visibility in the BlackBerry World storefront. Special search result groups and "top apps" lists can help to highlight your app to BlackBerry World users.

Fixed issues


If you tried to schedule a report for a digital goods subscription, an error was displayed.


The SDK version that you used to compile your app had to be equal to or less than the minimum BlackBerry 10 OS release version that you set when you added your release on the vendor portal.

For example, if you compiled your app using version 10.0.10, but set the minimum BlackBerry 10 OS version to 10.0.09, then users with a device running BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.0.09 could have purchased the app from the BlackBerry World storefront, but could not have installed the app on their device.

Known issues


When attempting to login to the Vendor Portal for BlackBerry World using Windows Internet Explorer 11 browser, the website displays an error message and the login fails. See Knowledge Base article ERROR !! When Attempting to Login to the Vendor Portal for BlackBerry World for more information and a workaround.


When you run a scheduled report on purchases for a paid app that contains in-app goods for sale, the report does not include sales information for the app itself.


If you create a chart-style report for an app with a title using special characters, the app title does not appear correctly in the chart’s legend.

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