BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Device Release Notes

BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.0.10 bundle 263

New in this release

The following features are new in this release of the Dev Alpha Device:

  • Fully functional Hub

  • Chat app

  • Phone app

  • Maps app

  • Cards for email

Fixed issues


In some instances, BBM could not be launched successfully on the first attempt.


In some cases, the BBM Send Location feature may have resulted in the app not being able to find the correct location.


In some instances, BBM location attachments may not have been received on another SDK device as expected.


In some instances, BBM contacts registered in the games app did not appear in the games contact list.

261097, 258433

In some instances, sending a contact card without an avatar resulted in a white space instead of the default contact image.


In some instances, the BlackBerry device did not automatically restart after long pressing the power button and tapping Restart.


In some instances, the date format shown in the Settings app did not match the format in the date picker.


In some instances, BBM might have displayed a black screen when you opened the details of a contact in a BBM chat window.


In some instances, purchases made on BlackBerry World using PayPal could have resulted in a transaction error.


Some games might have hung on startup.


The thumbnail images in the camera app showed the last screen capture taken rather than the last picture taken.

Known issues


Pictures added to Gmail contacts on the BlackBerry device do not appear in the contact's details until you re-enter the contact details. After you exit and open the contact app, the contact pictures appear as expected.


When a notification (such as entering Development Mode) is sent, the notification area of the BlackBerry Hub causes the red LED to constantly flash.
Workaround: Wait for the notification to time out after 10 to 15 minutes or turn off the LED in the Settings app.


In some cases, repeatedly tapping checkboxes on the NFC settings page may cause the buttons to become unresponsive.


In some instances, BBM messages that you receive do not trigger the audio and LED notification.


In some instances, you may not be able to send calendar attachments using BBM.


In some instances, NFC activity may cause the backlight to go out or the device to lock for a few seconds. As a workaround, hold the power button down for two or more seconds.


In some cases, you may be able to enter invalid dates for recurring yearly events.


The BlackBerry device does not connect to the 3G network on bootup. As a workaround, you can force the BlackBerry device to 3G mode.

258373; 282184

When adding a contact to your social accounts, you may notice empty rows in the Social Accounts drop down menu.


In some cases, you may be able to enter invalid dates for recurring yearly events.


In some cases, the Map search may be unable to find an address; however, the same address can be found if saved as one of My Places.


In some cases, if you rotate the BlackBerry device from portrait to landscape while playing a full screen video, you may see a gray bar on the right side of the display.


In some cases within the browser, if you press play within the YouTube pop up, the audio for the video plays, but the video does not play.


In some cases, the Phone app may display an unknown phone number.


If you add both a BBM/BB PIN and email address for a new contact, an extra BBM address without a BlackBerry ID may appear in the contact view.


In some cases, if you select a profile picture for a new contact, the image may appear twice as a profile image for that contact.


In some cases, after adding a BBM contact and adding the BlackBerry PIN, you may receive a prompt to invite the existing contact to BBM.


In some cases, if you select an alternate location from the suggested result when searching by map, only the suggested location list appears, rather than the actual address information for the query.


In some cases, after selecting a found location, you may encounter an error message indicating that the location was not found.