Building Android Apps for Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore is available and preloaded on all BlackBerry® 10 devices with OS 10.3.0 and above. BlackBerry developers can now expand their reach through the Amazon Appstore and take advantage of services like In-App Purchasing, Mobile Ads and Amazon's virtual currency (Amazon Coins) to find new ways to make more money.

Expand your app audience by submitting your app to Amazon Appstore.

Publishing your app on BlackBerry devices via Amazon Appstore is easy. If you're an existing Amazon Appstore developer, you've previously chosen to distribute your app or game on "Non-Amazon Devices" and your app is compatible with BlackBerry devices! You can always manage your app's device availability on the Amazon Developer Portal after you log in.

If you're an existing BlackBerry developer but new to Amazon Appstore, click here to register for a free developer account. Learn how to easily migrate your BlackBerry App to Amazon Appstore within the Amazon Developer blog.