Testing GPS-enabled apps

You can set the GPS location of your simulator by specifying latitude, longitude, and altitude. Latitude and longitude are specified in degrees as signed decimals, and altitude is specified in meters above mean sea level as an unsigned decimal.

  1. In the controller, click Geolocation.
  2. In the Latitude, Longitude, and Altitude fields, enter the GPS location or right-click and choose Play From File to select a preset location.


Screen showing simulator's geolocation controls.

Travel along a route

You can use the controller to test navigation and mapping applications using the GPS Route Playback. The controller provides a continuous stream of GPS updates to the simulated device. Events appear in the log file as the controller plays the route (approximately one event per second, by default, but you can specify a different frequency in your route file).

The controller supports the following formats:
  • NMEA: National Marine Electronics Association's Global Positioning System Fixed Data (GGA) format.
  • RMC: Recommended Minimum Specific GPS/Transit Data format.
  1. In the controller, click Geolocation, right-click and choose Play From File.
  2. Browse to a NMEA or a RMC route. The controller provides preloaded NMEA routes, but you can also provide your own. The route must consist of one NMEA sentence per line.
  3. Click Open.
  4. To stop playback at a specific position, right-click and choose Pause. To resume from the same position, right-click and choose Play.
  5. To stop playback, right-click and choose Stop. To start the route from the beginning, click Play.


Screen showing simulator's GPS route selections.

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